Australia Post data reveals the segment accounted for 36.1 per cent of online purchases in the week last year.

"This quarter further demonstrates the continued momentum of our multi-year turnaround strategy."

The three bears gave out free hugs and hot chocolate.

The business will now distribute all 10 titles in Australia.

Mattel has appointed IPG Mediabrands' UM to its media account in Australia following a global alignment.

"We delivered a high-quality second quarter with...profitable growth led by several geographies and brand categories."

The move comes after the platform introduced other anti-bullying tools.

"Many of the jobs today’s younger generation will do don’t even exist yet."

Visits to the Australian site were up by 72.4%.

The stores will close in January next year.

As part of the event two Aussie speedcubers solved their Rubik's cubes submerged in 2.2 million litres of water.

"Many of these products you can’t purchase anywhere else in Australia."

"It has been a long held ambition for us to have a store here."

The trends will be revealed in mid-October.

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