Digimon Franchise Gets New Fall TV Anime, New Digimon Adventure

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The Digimon series will get a new tv anime and a fresh anime movie; it was revealed during the “DigiFes 2021” occasion on Sunday. This fall, Fuji TV and other stations will air the Digimon Ghost Game tv anime series.  


The new film will recount the narrative of Daisuke Motomiya (in English) and the other Digimon Story 02 anime heroes. To work on the upcoming film, filmmaker Tomohisa Taguchi and screenwriter Akatsuki Yamatoya are returning from Digimon Epic quest: Last Evolution Kizuna.


Like the trailer, the film’s teaser pictures state, “The next Digimon film is set in the year 02. ‘I’m the very first individual to ever pair with a Digimon,’ says the protagonist.”


Filmmaker Yusuke Kinoshita (Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna) underlined that the actors from Digimon Adventure 02 would be central to the upcoming movie. He continued by saying that, in contrast to Taichi/Tai and his pals from the original Digimon Adventure television anime, the crew decided to develop a narrative about Daisuke and his buddies since they had a distinct appeal.


Although it had a different cast of critical characters, The Digimon Adventure 02 is the first official television anime followup to the original Digimon Adventure film. It was broadcast in Japan between April 2000 – March 2001, and subsequently in the US between August 2000 to early May 2001.


Digimon Adventure: The Last Evolution, The sequel film to Kizuna, portrayed the story of “Tai and Agumon’s final adventure.” It debuted in Japan on February 21, 2020, before expanding to other countries last year.


The latest tv anime, The Digimon Adventure: began in Japan in April 2020 and is now in its end stages. Crunchyroll is broadcasting the anime live as it airs in Japan.


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