BBC Studios Expands Bluey Global Licensing Programme

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The Emmy Award-winning phenomenon Bluey, which has gained popularity among families and preschoolers worldwide, is extending its licensing agreement with new collaborators.


  • Ten new partnerships and extended licensing agreements with the US and Canada
  • South America, Brazil, and Central America now have new licensing agents.
  • Five additional UK license agreements have been made.
  • They hired licensing agents for Israel when thirteen new EMEA licensing agreements were announced, including one with Ravensburger (Nordics, Italy, and France) and then a pan-European agreement with HTI Toys.


The news of BBC Studios’ globalized relationship with Hasbro for Trouble Games, Play-Doh, and Monopoly Jr. comes shortly after these license deals. Additionally, VTech has released information on the Bluey products available this year in Canada, the US, UK, and Australia, with France and New Zealand to follow.


 A Blue Heeler dog named Bluey, aged six years, turns ordinary life at home into incredible adventures that blossom in unpredictable and humorous ways. She includes her family, Chilli and Bandit (the parents) and Bingo (the younger sister), as well as community and friends, in her world of pleasure and exploration. 


Bluey has received praise from the press and parents alike for its honest and humorous representation of domestic life and playful celebration.


Bluey’s third season had its Australian television premiere on ABC TV in November of 2021, and it will soon be available worldwide on Disney outlets.

US and Canada

The studio has released new information on agreements for a variety of new products encompassing numerous key categories with Berkshire Fashions, Ball Bounce & Sport inc. dba Hedstrom, Disguise, Centric Beauty, Fathead, Daytime Enterprises,  Horizon Group, Heys International, Party City Holdings Inc, and Mad Engine.  


The Bluey releases will start appearing in major shops across Canada and the US this spring and include everything like clothing, party supplies, arts and crafts, and more.


“Passion for Bluey keeps skyrocketing worldwide, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with all of these genre-leading major corporations. We will offer numerous innovative ways for younger children and their families to have fun and experience the creative adventures that make this series so outstanding,” said Suzy Raia, BBC Studios Americas.


“Bluey products are in high demand from consumers, and we are excited to work together to develop items that will strengthen fans’ daily relationship with the brand.”


This year, new Bluey products expected to launch are:


  • Hoppers, playballs, over-the-door hoops, bowling sets, and sports balls from Ball, Bounce & Sport inc. dba Hedstrom. in the US
  • Headwear, rain and cold weather gear, etc. from Berkshire Fashions in the US
  • Bath and beauty products from Centric Beauty in the US
  • Nelvana will be in charge of Costumed character appearances from Daytime Enterprises in Canada
  • Following a multi-year extension arrangement, Disguise will release new accessories and costumes in the US
  • Decals, wall graphics, peel-and-stick wallpaper, standees, and other products by Fathead in the US
  • Heys International will offer lunch bags, backpacks, bags & luggage, and other accessories in Canada
  • Arts and crafts from Horizon Group in the US
  • Clothing and accessories in the US from Mad Engine and underwear, sleepwear,  winter accessories, and hosiery will be available in Canada through Nelvana.
  • Balloons, party supplies, accessories, and Halloween costumes from Party City Holdings Inc. in Canada and the US


Since its release in 2019, Bluey has been an instant hit in the US. In 2021, the outstanding series ended as Disney Junior’s top-rating driver among children ages 2 to 5. Additionally, it had a top three show ranking quarterly in 2021 and was the most viewed TV show in 2021. 


Bluey also had two of the ten most popular cable telecasts among children aged 2 to 5 in 2021.


With kids two to eleven and children two to five on La Chaine’s Disney Junior, a French channel in Canada, Bluey maintains its top spot on Disney Junior. Bluey was the second-most popular show with youngsters two to five on both Disney Junior and the Junior block on Disney Channel.

Latin America

BBC Studios selected Tycoon for Central and South America, Panaderia for Mexico, and Lotus Global for Brazil as its licensing representatives to further spread the influence of the international success throughout the area (excluding Brazil and Mexico).


Following Bandai’s massively successful toy debut last year, the Bluey licensing agreement in Mexico is growing into new categories. 


With the help of partners Ruz, Granmark, Union Kids, Stor, Penguin Random House, and Novelty Corp, new licensed assorted goodies, which include party supplies, publishing, and fashion, will debut in Mexico beginning in June and continuing through the fall.


In Brazil, Candide distributes the Bluey toys made by Moose Toys, a worldwide maestro toy licensee, scheduled to be on sale in Q3 of 2022. By Christmas, party supplies, clothing, publishing, and accessories will all have hit the market. 


Even more exciting and entertaining, Bluey items will be in distribution locally later this year by  Imexporta (Peru and Chile), Boing Toys (Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, the Caribbean islands, and Central America), and Caffaro (Argentina).

Australia and New Zealand

The well-known Bluey brand is thriving in Australia, the setting for the series, expanding its impressive list of ANZ partners. The year 2022 began with a fantastic partner interaction that saw the legendary Heeler home remodeled in Brisbane. It generated over 60 million impressions socially. 


Announcements then marked Bluey as the premiere Australian franchise to ally with Colgate, that it has won licensing awards in Australia for three years in a row, and that the Australian-made show will be touring in the United States after a hugely successful run in Australia.


Bluey continues to be the most-watched show on ABC iview and the top children’s program on broadcast tv in Australia. 


In Australia, where season three has already begun, the program has done 2.3 times better than the average schedule viewership (overall viewership). The most recent episodes landed fourteen of the top twenty broadcasts on regular television in 2021. They recently revealed that 11 more episodes of Series 3 would run in Australia starting in the middle of June.


According to Kate O’Connor from BBC Studios ANZ, the new episodes have extremely giddy fans in Australia. “We can not wait to amaze our supporters with even more thrilling Bluey news in the latter part of 2022!”


The show is incredibly well-liked by British viewers.  The products from Ravensburger and Moose Toys placed Bluey among the trendiest products since its arrival in stores last year, earning it the distinction of the leading new kid’s toy company in 2021, per NPD statistics. 


It was also the most-watched show on CBeebies in the first quarter of 2022. Sales of Crayola’s goods in the United Kingdom, which were introduced early this year, have already surpassed forecasts. 


Leveraging this performance, BBC Studios has announced additional partnerships with other brands. They include Spin Master for wooden puzzles that expand into the United Kingdom, 8th Wonder for wooden toys, Drew Pearson for accessories, Moonpig for cards and gifts, and an extended Ravensburger partnership (information below in the EMEA category).


“We are honored to be collaborating with BBC Studios on this prominent project,” said 8th Wonder’s Managing Director, Louise Tyrer. 


“The wooden toy line will be entertaining, instructive, and made from FSC-certified wood. Sustainability is a crucial consideration in the design of every product and piece of packaging. We are excited to present an award-winning selection through this excellent brand after more than 25 years of expertise making distinctive, inventive wooden toys.”


Additionally, BBC Studios has agreed to a new pan-European contract (including the UK) for cases, huge role play, outdoor toys, and bubbles with HTI Toys.


HTI Group’s Global Licensing and Brand Director, Alison Downie, expressed her excitement at working with BBC Studios on another wildly successful preschool program. With HTI Toys, Bluey will feel highly welcome, and we are eager to create a line of toys that will appeal to their love of play.


This year’s items to be introduced in the United Kingdom include:


  • Arts, crafts, and weebles from Character Options
  • Calendars, gifting stationery, and cards from Danilo
  • Wheeled toys from MV Sports
  • Lunchboxes, tableware, and  bottles from Stor
  • Bags and footwear by William Lamb


To extend its product line in the UK and include exclusive games like Memory and Labyrinth, Ravensburger, an established licensee of Bluey, has struck a new partnership with BBC Studios. The agreement covers France, the Nordic countries, and Italy.


“Ravensburger is excited to continue our lengthy and fantastic cooperation with BBC Studios by expanding our Ireland and UK contract for Bluey to include France, the Nordic countries, and Italy.” says the  Managing Director, Tim Hall.


“The puzzles we released were top sellers in every account where they were featured as soon as Bluey was published in the United Kingdom last fall/winter, and this success is still growing. Children and parents enjoy Bluey because it has a particular feature. We anticipate a future expansion in  Ireland, the UK, and other areas.”


Along with the France tv distribution from France, CLM from South Africa,  Partner Plus from Greece, Plus License from Nordics, CEE, and Baltics, and Maurizio Distefano Licensing from Italy, BBC Studios has just selected Mediogen as its licensing representatives for Israel.


In EMEA, recent Bluey licensees include:


  • Stickers,  cards, and sticker albums from Diramix in Italy
  • Seasonally appropriate sweets from Dolfin in Italy
  • Bubbles from Dulcop in Italy
  • Arts, crafts, and wooden puzzles from Educa Borras in France
  • Balloons from Grabo in Italy
  • School supplies and stationery from Graffiti in Greece
  • Home textiles from Halantex in Italy
  • Huge role-play, bubble toys, outdoor toys, and cases from HTI Toys
  • Scooter accessories and scooters from Liniex in Nordics
  • Coloring sets, stamps, and stationery sets from Multiprint in Italy
  • Memory and Labyrinth by Ravensburger in Nordics, France, and Italy
  • Meet and greet from Showagent in Nordics
  • Home and apparel from Skybrands in Nordics


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