Building With Excitement: Grand Opening Of Canberra’s Lego Store Announced

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As the first LEGO accredited store in Canberra begins its operation at 9 am on Saturday, November 6, customers will queue for blocks.


The iconic 250+ sqm new shop is located in a prominent location at Canberra Centre as a trademark LEGO brand shopping business. Custom constructed brick elements, including a sizable 3D mosaic of balloons above Lake Burley Griffin, are among the store’s highlights.


The mosaic, which took 11,327 LEGO bricks to create and 126 hours to complete, is the ideal Canberra landmark to honor the store’s launch with all LEGO enthusiasts. 


Furthermore, the store will also have a 46,965-brick design of a kangaroo, which took about 395 hours to construct, a signature LEGO Brick Wall, brick carving, and a wide variety of fantastic LEGO.


With significant sites in Hong Kong, New York, London, Denmark, and Dubai, as well as Canberra, joining the forces, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the new store competes with other large stores shortly. LEGO stores are recognized globally as prominent shopping brands.


A certified retailer for LEGO has officially launched in the country’s capital, and anticipation is undoubtedly growing for the brick-tastic buying experience. Through innovative free play, LEGO has captivated Australians for over 60 years, striving to educate the future architects of our future.


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