The Genius Square XL

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Genius Square won both the Product of the Year and Educational Product of the Year awards from the Australian Toy Association in 2020.


XL Version 26 cm × 26 cm board, 2.5 cm wide pieces designed with mature clients or special needs kids in mind.


This excellent puzzle game is a bit as quick-witted as its name indicates, making it a deserving winner of the HPC Game Of The Year 2018/19 prize.


Each player is given a 6×6 grid, a set of the nine various forms, seven block pieces, and their 6×6 grid. Put a barrier from each of the coordinates revealed after rolling all seven dice. Now try to complete the remaining spaces on the grid before your rival.


The riddles can be completed for each of the 62,208 potential combinations, frequently with several answers, despite how impossible it may appear. Sometimes you’ll find a solution immediately; other times, you’ll pull out your hair.


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