The Fusion Agency Acquires Licensing And Merchandising Rights In Australia

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The enormously popular Japanese animated television series YO-KAI WATCH will have its Australia and New Zealand rights acquired by The Fusion Agency, which will also oversee licensing and promoting rights in the region.


The innovative concept known as YO-KAI WATCH was created in conjunction with the Nintendo 3DS video games, generating 7.2 million copies in Japan. Yo-Kai Watch has become one of Japan’s most well-known brands due to its original plot, engaging characters, adventure, and comedy.


The novel’s protagonist is a youngster who receives a unique watch that enables him to find and call upon enigmatic Yo-kai that assist him in resolving issues in his day-to-day existence that other unruly Yo-kai typically brings on. The top dual-gender show for youngsters between the age of 4 to 12 across all genres on TV TOKYO—YO-KAI WATCH—has the best household size ratings of any timetabled animated show on the internet. It is produced by LEVEL-5, Inc., Dentsu Inc., and TV TOKYO Corporation.


The Fusion Agency and Dentsu Entertainment USA, Inc. are attempting to duplicate the success of the Japanese animated tv show in Australia and New Zealand by negotiating with local tv stations and home entertainment partners, respectively.


Since its introduction in Japan, the YO-KAI WATCH brand has enjoyed tremendous success in various products and on television. Hundreds of copies of the manga  YO-KAI WATCH and associated books have been sold, along with millions in wholesale sales of toys and other products, excluding those for music CDs, games, and publishing.

Information on Dentsu Entertainment USA, Inc.

The Fusion Agency is pleased to have been chosen to help expand the franchise in Australia and New Zealand, according to Gail Mitchell, Managing Director of The Fusion Agency. She has seen the YO-KAI WATCH franchise’s phenomenal success in Japan and says the company has seen similar success there. Furthermore, she has been thrilled to work on this lovely property and support its success in their regions.


The Fusion Agency is the ideal choice to lead the licensing program because it is one of the top licensing agencies in Australia and New Zealand. Their main aim is to secure partnerships in broadcasting, DVD, merchandise, and retail as they develop the property locally, according to Sr. Vice President, Mr. Marc Harrington, Global Strategy & Development for Dentsu Entertainment USA, Inc.


Dentsu Inc., the largest producer of Japanese Animation with more than 850 affiliates and companies globally and close to 50,000 full-time workers, established Dentsu Entertainment USA, Inc. in 2010.


Dentsu Entertainment USA produces original animation programs and media for local and foreign markets. It also manages franchise licensing schemes for both new and established businesses. The American version of the hit TV Tokyo program YO-KAI WATCHTM, which premiered there and is frequently recognized as the best program in its time slot, is now being created. 


Other ongoing projects include Deltora Quest®, a 52-episode animated series with international distribution, and LBXTM, a hugely popular cartoon toy brand centered on little configurable robots and video games. Dentsu Entertainment USA’s main office is in Santa Monica, CA.

The Fusion Agency’s Background

The Fusion Firm, a full-service licensing and merchandising firm founded in 2010, is in charge of several well-known international brands and has a carefully chosen portfolio of Principals. Fusion provides long-term, comprehensive brand management for its Principals, increasing the brand’s value while generating financial rewards. It also offers complete turnkey solutions for items, DTR, retail exclusives, promotions, and short-term and long-term programs.


The devoted and well-regarded crew at The Fusion Agency has successfully finished significant licensing and promotion projects both nationally and overseas. It also has productive relationships with merchants, licensees, and advertising partners throughout New Zealand and New Zealand. It has been successful across several industries, including gaming, technology, publishing, online, sports, and legacy brands.


To represent its animation intellectual property (IP) YO-KAI WATCH in New Zealand And Australia, Dentsu Entertainment USA, Inc. has selected the Fusion Agency as its only licensing and merchandising partner.


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