14 Of The Best Toys And Bedding For Your Bluey Fan

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Bluey has been on our tv since mid-2018, and it’s no surprise that her lovable and caring family has captivated the minds and hearts of many Australian kids throughout the country.

Kids love the lovely interaction between the Bluey and Family Figure 4-Pack: Bluey, Chilli (Mum), Bandit’s (Dad), and Bingo, especially given the subtly-taught lessons accompanying them.

This post will discuss the 14 best Bluey and Family toy and bedding products that your kids will like! 

1. Bluey and Family 4-Pack Figures

Your kids will certainly love the Heeler family play figures, one of Australia’s favorite families. The adjustable arms and legs of these adorable Bluey, Chilli,  Bandit, and Bingo toys enable kids to play different roles and creativity. Furthermore, replicating Bluey moments helps to reinforce the excellent ideals that the program promotes.

2. Bluey And Bingo Sleeping Bag

Cozying up with the best toys like Bingo and Bluey is a surefire way to help your toddler sleep soundly. This fantastic sleeping bag, exclusive to Adairs, comes with a quilted foundation and has Bingo and Bluely at the front. Moreover, it includes matched pillowcases and adds to the enjoyment of sleepovers!

3. Bluey Flip-Out Sofa

This beautiful flip-out couch, which features the best four-legged friends, is a darling to many children. At the same time, many parents will appreciate the fabric’s ease of maintenance. Youngsters enjoy having personal space to observe the escapades of the Blue Heeler family, and the foldable bed offers a convenient alternative if they take a nap.

4. Bluey Printed Basket

With this beautiful stowage basket that portrays the complete Blue Heeler family, you can add a bit extra Bluey to your kid’s room. Ideal for toy or laundry storage.

5. Bingo (or Bluey) Text Pillowcase

Add a Bingo (or Bluey) pillow to the top of your child’s bed so they have something to cuddle with. Your baby’s head will rest on the soft percale pillow to lovely Blue Heeler dreams. On a white background of the pillowcase, inscribed with the phrase ‘Night Bingo’ or ‘Bluey.’

6. Bluey Chambray Quilt Cover Set

Whether you pick one or two items or cover your kid’s entire space in Blue Heeler apparel, this fun quilt piece is fantastic. The bedspread top set comes with a quilted front with a bold print of Bingo and Bluey and a back with a moon and star pattern.

7. Bluey Pool Time Fun Playset

Bluey’s The Pool episode inspired this masterpiece. This entertaining set promotes creative activities and is especially ideal for the summer. Your young child will love reenacting the program and bringing their best blue heeler to life with the assistance of goggles, a water blaster, and two pool doughnuts, all of which help develop small hands and fingers.

8. Bluey Best Mate Jumbo Plush Toy

Everyone enjoys the company of a cuddling toy. And Bluey and Family allow you to select the best cuddly toys; Bingo or Bluey. 


This 45-cm toy is an excellent travel companion, all-around pal, and nighttime cuddling partner.

9. Bluey Ring with Seat & Canopy

Your child may safely have a great time in the water with an inflatable. This Bluey swimming toy has a shield to protect your kid from the direct sun rays, invisible seams (to prevent scratches), comfortable back support, and a net to prevent toys from diving to great depths.

10. Bluey Paint Your Own Wooden Family Set

Children with artistic abilities may utilize their abilities to print Bluey, Chilli, Bingo, and Bandit on these wood canvas. It includes two art supplies and is a beautiful way to have your creative instincts going while enhancing fine motor abilities and hand and eye coordination. 

11. Bluey’s Family Home Playset

The multicolored house in Bluey’s family playground has a kitchen, living room, terrace, and stairway to a bathroom and bedroom. Also, nine furniture pieces, three deck parts, and three soft accessories are included, besides a Bluey character, which allows for hours of creative and innovative play.

12. Bluey Licensed Kids’ Balance Bike

This authentic Bluey balancing bike is a favorite of many kids. This compact bike features a flexible seat to evolve with your kid and puncture-resistant tires for all-landscape enjoyment, making it a safe and fun solution to enhance your kid’s balance, confidence, and coordination.

13. Bluey Fitted Sheet Set

This fitted mattress and pillowcase round off the Bluey bed collection and depict the Heeler sisters. Your baby will most likely enjoy tucking into bed with you after a long day, thanks to the 100% cotton percale material.

14. GoGlow Buddy Bingo Night Light and Torch

The GoGlow Buddy Bingo is an adorable nightlight and flashlight in one that’s ideal for toddlers who prefer to sleep with a backlight. Bingo is ideal for nighttime bathroom excursions since his body is soft, and the motion-activated torch goes on when his body is lifted. Additionally, it has an automated ten-minute sleep mode.


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