The business has partnered with the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife.

These are the key dates and details you need to know.

The February 2021 show has been postponed to 2022.

The former Toyworld Darwin owner has joined the team.

Physical? Digital? This is what is set to go ahead.

The organisation is also launching its inaugural virtual event.

"Many incorrectly believe that The Elf on the Shelf is our official company name."

"You wouldn’t drive a car without insurance, so why risk the reputation of your company?"

The event had 180 exhibitors showing their wares to buyers from 60 countries.

These are the categories where kids exert the most influence over purchases.

This is how the family-owned enterprise has developed over the years.

"This category has grown substantially in the past six months."

The show is set to go ahead with these health and safety measures in place.