"90% of Australians have a preference for buying Aussie."

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"We’ve done the research and we know these presents are going to be a hit."

Jake Nelson wraps up the PAX Australia convention which took place in October.

"We understand that the way they want to shop is evolving."

"Our research shows parents are expected to spend nearly $546 million collectively and $200 per child on Christmas gifts."

"We look forward to continuing to work with industry and the Australian community in developing this pivotal guidance."

This is what small Aussie businesses have to say.

"This isn’t entirely surprising. It’s estimated that between 23 per cent and 35 per cent fail on the first attempt."

The store houses a playground space, refreshment area and an educational space.

Toy & Hobby Retailer is proud to support the ATA's Rising Star Award.

The costumes became available just-in-time for Halloween.

Shoppers in WA participate in the sales more than any other state.

"We’re still yet to see retail sales rebound like we would have hoped."