Best Toys in Australia in 2022

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Popular toy trends are constantly changing. And just when it feels like you finally caught on, everyone has already moved on to the next one. As a result, buying toys for kids can be a big challenge—after all, nothing is more disappointing than spending money on a gift only to realise it’s gone out of style. 


So if you want to find the perfect toy for a little one in your life, look no further! We’ve compiled some of the best toys in Australia in 2022. These toys are fun, trendy, and will put a smile on any child’s face. A lot of these options are pretty evergreen, too, so you won’t have to worry about them going out of style anytime soon. 


From fuzzy plush toys to colourful bicycles, this list is sure to have something your child will love! 

Best Toys for Babies 

Even the tiniest of babies deserve to have plenty of toys. Baby toys will not only keep your little one as happy as can be, but they can help with their development as well. 


So if you need some baby shower gifts or some toys for your little one’s first Christmas, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the best toys in Australia for babies under one year old! 

Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack 

The Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack is a lovely gift for infants over six months old! Each ring has a different colour of the rainbow, so this vibrant toy will look super cute in your little one’s nursery.


Your growing baby will have loads of fun learning how to stack these colourful rings. This stacking toy can help your baby develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. And no worries about choking hazards—this toy is super safe for the curious mouths of babies. 


  • It has BPA-free material. 
  • It’s safe for teething babies. 
  • It has both fun and educational value. 



  • It may not be suitable for babies under six months. 

Mini Moon Take-To-Play Baby Gym 

If you want to help your baby stay active, this exciting baby gym is the way to go! It comes with three dangling baby-safe accessory toys that they can use to teethe or play. Even if your baby isn’t big enough to go running around yet, they can still enjoy this toy while they’re laid back on the floor. For the sake of your baby’s comfort, you may want to place this toy on a soft carpet or a tummy time mat. 


When you’re on the go, this toy can easily fold up and come along with you. So whether you’re travelling with your growing infant or they’re spending the day at a babysitter’s house, this baby gym can come for the ride. 


  • It has a muted, pleasant design that won’t stand out too much. 
  • The dangling toys are super durable, so you won’t have to worry about choking hazards or replacing parts. 
  • You can fold up this baby gym and store it away when you’re not using it. 


  • It’s one of the more expensive options on this list. 

Playgro Paddling Bath Fish 

Getting kids to take a bath can be quite a challenge. So why not make washing up a little more fun? When you give your baby the Playgro Paddling Bath Fish, they might start viewing bath time and playtime as equally fun. 


This toy paddles through the water just like a real fish. It has BPA-free plastic material, so you can rest assured it’s super baby-safe. It has rattling beads on the inside too, which can make this bath toy even more fun for your little one. 


  • This paddling fish can help form positive associations with bathtime. 
  • The movement of this toy can help your baby develop hand-eye coordination. 
  • The movable tail can help improve your baby’s motor skills. 


  • This toy may not be suitable for newborns. 

Disney Winnie the Pooh Classic Piglet Plush 

The best stuffed toys for babies are ones without any loose or small parts. So if you need a stuffed animal for babies under a year old, this Piglet plush is an excellent choice! It can be the perfect friend for your little tot. 


This toy has soft material that makes it ideal for snuggling. It’s also suitable for one-on-one play with your child! And if your baby enjoys watching Winnie the Pooh cartoons, this adorable Piglet plush will put a huge smile on their face. 


  • This plush toy is very soft and safe for babies. 
  • It can make a great collector’s item. 
  • It would fit well in a Winnie the Pooh-themed bedroom. 


  • The porous, light-coloured material can stain easily. 

Best Toys for Toddlers 

Once your child learns to walk, they’re going to be more eager to play than ever. The last thing anyone needs is a restless toddler, so if you want to keep them busy, you should treat them to some unique, toddler-friendly toys. Fortunately, we’ve found several fun options that may be perfect for your toddler!  


So, do you want to surprise your child with an exciting gift? Here are some of the best toys in Australia for children between one and two years old. 

John Deere Sit & Scoot Activity Tractor 

There are few things toddlers love more than toy tractors! This John Deere sit-and-scoot activity tractor is a good choice for kids who enjoy farm-themed toys. It’s also a fun way to get your kid to play outdoors. So if your toddler spends a lot of time in front of the television or tablet, this toy can help them stay active


Your toddler can scoot around on this toy on their own, or you can push them around if they’re struggling to get the hang of it. It also has some fitting sound effects to make this toy a more immersive experience. Of course, you can lower the volume or turn it off altogether if you’re not fond of the noise. 


  • This toy can help your toddler get more exercise. 
  • It can encourage your child to pretend they’re a farmer and use their imagination! 
  • The seat on the tractor flips out to provide a playset area. 


  • It’s not ideal for playing indoors, so your toddler won’t be able to enjoy this toy on a rainy day.  

Best Mate Bluey Small Plush Toy 

If you have a toddler who watches lots of television, you’re probably familiar with a show called Bluey. So if your child is a fan of this cartoon, consider buying them the Best Mate Bluey plush toy! When you buy your toddler this lovely stuffed animal, their favourite character can join them during playtime. 


This toy is 20 centimetres tall, making it the perfect size for your little one to hug and cuddle. Even if your child isn’t familiar with Bluey, the cute and friendly design of this stuffed toy will likely still appeal to them.  


  • The design of this plush toy is very accurate to the cartoon character. 
  • It can make a great collector’s item. 
  • This toy can encourage your child to use their imagination! 


  • It’s best for kids nearing the end of toddlerhood, so if your child isn’t nearing three years of age, you may want to skip this one. 

Play-Doh Super Colour Kit 

Play-Doh is one of the best toys to inspire your child’s creativity. With this variety pack, your toddler can sculpt and play with this squishy, colourful dough. You’ll get twenty different colours with this multipack, which gives your toddler endless ways to use their imagination! 


Play-Doh can make an excellent sensory toy, too. The soft, malleable material can feel very soothing on your toddler’s hands! 


  • Play-Doh is super safe and completely non-toxic. 
  • Play-Doh is fun for kids of all ages, so this can be an activity for the whole family. 
  • This toy can be a great way to encourage your toddler’s artistic side. 


  • You’ll need to supervise your toddler when they play with this toy since many children will try to eat it. 

Gund Flappy Elephant Animated Plush 

What’s better than a stuffed animal? How about an animated stuffed animal? This adorable plush toy from Gund will put a big smile on your toddler’s face. It has a super cuddly design, and when you squeeze his left foot, he’ll cover his face with his ears! 


That’s not all—when you squeeze the right foot, this plush elephant will sing the classic song “Do Your Ears Hang Low.” This unique interactive toy for toddlers will make playtime as fun as can be! 


  • It’s a super interactive toy, so it can entertain your kids for quite a while. 
  • The musical element is fun for kids to sing along to. 
  • The peekaboo option makes this a great toy for one-on-one playtime with your toddler. 


  • If you’re not a fan of noisy toys, this one may not be a good option. 

Best Toys for Ages 4-7 

Once your kid starts to retire those neon toddler toys, you may want to stock up on some more age-appropriate options. These toys are ideal for kids who may no longer be in diapers, yet still have a long way to go before they’re a “big kid.” 


So, do you need help finding the best toys for kids aged 4-7 in Australia? Look no further than this upcoming selection! 

Pokemon 12-Inch Plush 

Pokemon has been incredibly popular with children since the late 1990s, and it shows no sign of dying out anytime soon. So if you want a gift that’ll always be trendy, consider giving your kid this Pokemon plush toy! Your child will feel like a true Pokemon trainer when they get their hands on this toy. 


You can get this plush in five different versions: Eevee, Charmander, Squirtle, Lugia, and Bulbasaur. You’ll get a randomly selected option when you use the featured link, so if there’s a specific Pokemon your kid prefers, you may want to shop for this product in person instead. 


  • It’s an excellent toy for kids who like video games, but a bit cheaper than a video game itself. 
  • The plushie comes in a pretty big size, so your kid can pretend they have a real-life Pokemon! 
  • This plush toy has soft material and fluffy stuffing that makes it super cuddly. 


  • You will receive a random option if you’re buying it online, so you may not get the specific Pokemon you’re looking for. 

Disney Princess Doll, Wand, & Tiara Gift Set 

If you have a kid who loves Disney princesses, this might be the toy for them. This lovely playset comes with a princess doll, a tiara accessory, and a magic wand! The doll has long hair that you can brush and style however you’d like. The magic wand is a fun addition for kids who like to pretend, too. 


This doll set comes in four different characters: Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel, and Cinderella. So whether your child loves the classic Disney princesses or the newer animated films, there’s an option that they will love. 


  • The set includes two fun accessories that make playtime fun for your child. 
  • It can make a perfect collectible for Disney fans. 
  • The doll has a beautiful, high-quality design. 


  • This toy does not include many popular Disney Princess characters, such as Elsa or Moana.  

Balance Bike Paw Patrol 

What’s better than a balance bike for your growing kid? How about a balance bike with their favourite cartoon characters? This bike can help teach your child how to ride a bike on their own! Both boys and girls will have a blast playing on this colourful kid’s bicycle. 


This bicycle has a design that can help your child balance as they ride it. So if you’re worried about your little ones falling, the Paw Patrol balance bike can ease your worries a little bit. It’s suitable for children 2 years and older, so even your younger children can safely enjoy this fun toy. 


  • It can help make exercise more fun for your growing child. 
  • It can be a big step in teaching your kid how to properly ride a bicycle. 
  • The bike can support up to 25 kilograms. 


  • It only comes in one colour option. 

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Style & Groom 

Does your child dream of becoming a hairstylist one day? This may be the toy for them. With the My Little Pony Rainbow Dash style and groom toy, your child can practise their hair styling skills on a beautiful pegasus pony. 


This Rainbow Dash toy has long, rainbow-coloured hair. The model has a firm base that will keep it from slipping or tipping over. You’ll also receive a bunch of accessories such as beads, hair ties, cutie mark stickers, and of course, a hairbrush! 


  • It includes several hair accessories, which allow your child to embrace their creativity. 
  • It can teach your child how to braid and style hair. 
  • It has a cute, colourful design that My Little Pony fans will love. 


  • It has a lot of small parts that are easy to lose or can make a mess. 

Best Toys for Kids Age 8 and Up  

Buying toys for older kids can be a challenge, as each child has different standards for what constitutes a “baby toy.” However, there are many options out there that even the pickiest of older kids would love as a birthday or holiday gift. 


So next time you need to buy a gift, try out some of these excellent toys for kids aged 8 and up in Australia! They’re good for birthdays, holidays, or spur-of-the-moment presents. 

Sylvanian Families Midnight Cat Family  

Whether your kid still plays with toys or not, Sylvanian Families can still make an excellent gift. These figurines have charming designs that make them popular collectibles. With this midnight cat family set, your kid can have a truly beautiful display in their room! 


This playset includes four cat figurines in varying sizes. They all have names and personalities, which makes them ideal for pretending and creating stories! You can also buy other accessories for Sylvanian Families if you’d like to play dress-up with them. 


  • Sylvanian Families can make a great item for collectors. 
  • The figurines have movable arms and legs which allow you to pose them as you’d like. 
  • They have a fuzzy, velvety texture that makes them feel more realistic. 


  • Sylvanian Families are rather small and a bit pricey. 

Funko Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child (Baby Yoda) Pop! Vinyl Figure 

When The Mandalorian first came out in 2019, Baby Yoda became a huge sensation for both hardcore and casual Star Wars fans. Even today, this iconic character is still a favourite among many. So if you know a kid who loves baby Yoda, consider gifting them this figurine. 


This toy is especially great for kids who like collecting pop figures. Many dedicated collectors will insist on leaving it in the box, but others may unbox it and play with it. Either way, it’s a one-of-a-kind toy for older kids. 


  • It’s a collector’s item that may be quite valuable a few years down the road. 
  • The design is very accurate to the character. 
  • It’s made from durable vinyl, so you can expect it to last quite a while. 


  • It’s more of a display piece than a toy, so younger kids may not like it as much. 

Nerf N-Strike Alphahawk 

Who wouldn’t love to have a Nerf battle with their friends? With the Nerf N-Strike Alphahawk, your kid will have a pretty big advantage over their opponents. This toy comes with 30 darts, so they won’t have to worry about constantly replacing their ammo. It’s a super fun toy for both girls and boys! 


The soft foam darts can fly across the room at impressive speeds. It doesn’t require any batteries, either—all you need to do is pull the trigger! For safety purposes, we recommend buying a pair of separate Nerf goggles to wear when you’re playing with this toy. 


  • It has twice as many darts as the standard Nerf toy model. 
  • This toy is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor play. 
  • The design is suitable for both left and right-handed kids. 


  • Improper use could result in injuries, so make sure kids know how to use this toy safely. 

Kinetic Sand Sandbox Set 

In the past few years, Kinetic Sand has become an incredibly popular toy. Running your hands through this soft, colourful sand can be super fun and soothing. You can also sculpt and mould kinetic sand to create unique shapes! 


This Kinetic Sand sandbox set comes with one pound of purple sand, a sandbox tray, three shape moulds, and a shovel tool. It also includes an instruction guide to help your kid make the most of this fun toy set. 


  • The texture of Kinetic Sand allows it to stick together, so it’s not as messy as playing with regular sand. 
  • It comes in several colours, so you can choose the option your child likes best. 
  • Kinetic Sand contains anti-microbial components to keep it from collecting germs. 


  • Kinetic Sand isn’t very sturdy, so any moulded shapes will fall apart rather easily. 


Whether you have a birthday party coming up or want to plan for some future holiday gifts, there are plenty of high-quality toys out there that your kids will love. 


Toys can make exciting gifts for children of any age. For the best results, you should make sure to buy something age-appropriate. You’ll also want to find a toy relevant to their interests. Try to ask your kids what they like before buying them toys to ensure you find a gift that won’t collect dust in the closet. 


So, are you ready to give your loved one some of the best toys in Australia? Consider checking out the product pages to purchase them online. Or if you don’t want to wait for shipping, you can search for these toys at stores in your area!

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