See the latest from Hexbug, including favourites Nano Flash, Junkbots and Battlebots and the all new Hexmods.

Explore builds from Vex Robotics the TOTY winner in both STEM and Construction categories in 2020.

Silverlit have a new range of robots that include the exciting Bio-pod range, there is an increased range of RC from Exost and a RC Paper plane that is definitely worth seeing.

Simba has new lines from Steffi and Evi, there is more to see from both Big and Aquaplay too. 

Smoby continues to offer some of the best outdoor playhouses and roleplay doesn’t get any better than a fully stocked Smoby kitchen, or take the cooking outdoors with the Smoby BBQ.

Corolle offers some of the most well-made and beautiful dolls in the market.

Brand new in 2020, the Extreme bots were very successful and build on that with new offerings in 2021.

Spy X, Mad Mattr and Hama also have new lines for 2021.

There are other new brands launching too, so make an appointment and come for a look.

Highlight products/brands:

1: Hexbug – Junkbots, Haxbug Nano Flash, Battlebots, HexMods, Mobots

2: Silverlit – Follow Me Droids, Balloon Puncher, Exost, Exost Loop, Lazer Mad

3: Simba – Incl – Steffi and Evi, Big, Aquaplay, Smoby, Corolle 

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