Australian Girl dolls first appeared in 2008 and have built an enthusiastic following and fan base nationwide. These gorgeous dolls are huggable with a partial soft torso.

They look great in swimwear and stand 50cm tall. They have ‘sleep’ eyes, brushable hair and strong rotational joints. They also have unique feet that have been designed to realistically accommodate thong sandals.

Emily is the most popular doll in the five-doll range and looks great in her new jeans, while Annabelle, a junior Lifesaver, is fast catching up in the popularity stakes.

Annabelle is the star of the third book in the Australian Girl series, Annabelle and the Missing Turtles by Rose Inserra, and is sold with a ‘nipper’ cap as an additional accessory. An ever-growing and changing range of quality accessories is also available.

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