The National Retail Association (NRA) is urging the Senate to pass the industrial relations Omnibus Bill, following a member-survey which showed overwhelming support of the changes.

According to the NRA, the Bill, which aims to help define what constitutes casual employment, is supported by both employer groups and unions.

"This is a rare circumstance where both employer groups and unions agree that change is needed," NRA deputy CEO Lindsay Carroll said.

"Both unions and employer groups have called for the passage of various flexibilities in the legislation.

"This should send a clear message to the cross-bench that undue delay is not in the interests of any side of the industrial divide," she said.

According to the member-survey, 52.5% of retailers said that if award conditions were more flexible, they would employ more staff on a part-time basis rather than a casual basis, while 35% said that they would at least consider it.

12.5% said that they would stick to casual employment even if award conditions changed.

80% of retailers said that the primary reason that they engaged casual employees, rather than permanent employees, was because of the need for flexibility around work hours.

Carroll added that the industry is ready to embrace change.

"Our members are calling out for change.

"Although the retail sector is often criticised for the scale of casual employment, we see from our members a clear desire for a workable departure from this paradigm," she said.

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