A new range of cyber-inspired arts and crafts toys, Pixel Pops from Ventura Games, draw on the eight-bit visual art trend made popular by Minecraft.

Pixel Pops from The Orb Factory offers fans of the popular online game the chance to create their own pixellated pets such as an elephant, hedgehog, duck, parrot, kitten and panda using the included squishy cubes.

The eight-bit art trend is on that has been quietly building in recent years, fuelled by the appeal of the Minecraft game to adults and children alike, so the abiltiy to 'unplu' and play within this aesthetic in the real world has drawn a strong positive response in other markets overseas.

With Pixel Pops, kids can stick, stack, and squish cubes to make a pixilated pet. Children simply use the stylus to pick up foam cubes and stick them onto the square base, layering the coloured squares to make an adorable pixilated pet.

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