The 2014 Lottie Dolls series from Global Discovery sees the dolls out and about and engaged in a variety of activities.

Pandora’s Box Lottie is volunteering at Branksea Animal Shelter, helping to look after the homeless cats; Pirate Queen Lottie is sailing in a pirate-themed raft-race, while Butterfly Protector Lottie and her friends love to volunteer their time helping Margaret, the gardener at the English Country Garden.

The Robot Girl Lottie has decided to enter the Science Fair at school and will research to see if it is possible to build a robot using only recycled materials.

The Lottie accessory expansion packs bring new elements to play. Sure to be popular this year will be the Pirate Queen Accessory set, which includes a treasure chest, Pesos de ocho silver coins, a pirate flag and treasure map.

The Busy Lizzie Robot Accessory set features a Busy Lizzie robot, one extra pair of robot arms, one hairpiece, one frying pan and spatula, a pair of shoes, and a sheet of transparent stickers.

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