The Australian Toy Association has announced that the 2021 Australian Toy, Hobby & Licensing Fair will go digital. 

Following in the footsteps of other toy fairs across the globe, the ATA has prioritised the health and wellbeing of exhibitors and attendees and has opted to invest in a digital platform to deliver the 2021 Melbourne Toy Fair. 

The Fair's dates have also been changed, with the digital show taking place from Monday 1st to Friday 5th March 2021.  

In a statement the ATA said that the decision was made in consultation with exhibitors and attendees. 

"We believe this is the best outcome moving forward and this is also the message we are hearing from both exhibitors and attendees alike. 

"[A digital fair] provides many positive possibilities that a physical fair, while the preferred option, does not offer in these current circumstances.

"It removes travel constraints for both national and international attendees as well as opens up the potential for world class international guests to present such as ICTI Ethical and NPD Global," the organisation said. 

The ATA added that it will contact exhibitors that have already made a booking to discuss their options. 

"For those members who have booked in the preferential round, we will be in touch to discuss the outcome and your options and for those who are unsure of the technology, we are happy to provide one on one and group demonstrations of the program.

"This is a time to adapt and the ATA intend to be at the forefront of this new climate we find ourselves in.

"We look forward to both delivering another successful and meaningful event for the industry in 2021 as well as bringing the physical fair back, bigger and better in 2022," the ATA said. 

For any enquiries, businesses are encouraged to contact the ATA via email:

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