56 Best Christmas Movies for Kids

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Bring on the popcorn and hot cocoa! The coziness of watching the most incredible Christmas films of all time or Christmas films on Netflix on a chilly winter day while curled up with seasonal sweets is unmatched. Holiday movies have a way of making you feel pretty cozy on the inside. 

Even better if it’s a family-friendly film that you can watch with everyone you care about, from young children to adults. So curl up on the couch with your family and witness the joy on your children’s faces as they enjoy the finest Christmas films for kids.

The only challenge you could have while selecting a Christmas movie is narrowing your options. And in such a scenario, a movie marathon is advised. Here is a list of the most family-friendly Christmas movies available, from beloved classics like It’s a Wonderful Life to heartwarming animated pictures, to assist you in choosing what to stream. 

These movies will keep your group engaged for hours, whether you’re searching for heartwarming tales, funny laugh-out-loud moments, or intimate Christmas films you can watch with your substantial other after the kids are in bed.

1. Home Alone

No list of holiday movies would be complete without this timeless favorite. In other words, that is the first thought that many people have.

The day after being reprimanded for misbehaving and banished to the attic, little Kevin McCallister’s family leaves on their Christmas holiday by mistake, leaving poor Kevin at home. The young man spends many days by himself at home.

Kevin is unfortunate since two local criminals learn that he is alone. But Kevin is wiser than both of them. The family will enjoy witnessing the amusing interactions that follow. This film will bring back many fond Christmas memories for parents of a particular generation.

Important information: With a PG rating and occasional slapstick violence, parental supervision is required, especially for younger children.

2. Disney’s Christmas 

Despite being 178 years old, this tale is still enjoyed by kids and adults. The 2009 animated adaptation of Charles Dickens’s classic novel A Christmas Carol by Disney has well-known actors such as Colin Firth as Fred and Jim Carey as Scrooge and the Ghosts of Christmas Past.

It’s a genuine Christmas treat.

3. A Christmas Eve Flight

This holiday animation has a young deer (reindeer) afraid of heights, which is unsuitable for flying unicorns! Before travelling to the Northern Pole to help Santa and the other reindeer, he learns how to conquer his fear of flying squirrels.

4. Dr Seuss’ 

This Dr Seuss tale is a must-see movie for the holiday season because of Jim Carrey’s sharp one-liners and the enchanted Christmas “Whoville.” It’s a classic, too!


There is also a more contemporary animated version of the movie from 2018. The Grinch is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, and Get Lucky singer Pharrell Williams serves as the narrator. 

5. Elf

The amusing story of a person reared as one of Santa’s elves after being unintentionally delivered to the Northern Pole as a newborn is told in the movie Elf by the entertaining Will Ferrell.


Buddy makes the trip to New York in quest of his biological father after realising there is something unique about him compared to the other elves. This uplifting holiday classic is not only hilarious but also, most importantly, conveys a cheerful holiday message, making it the perfect Christmas movie.

6. Klaus 

Who wouldn’t want to see the Oscar-nominated origin story of Santa Claus?


A lonely toymaker befriends a letter carrier in this charming animated Christmas film. Parental caution is needed due to a few mildly frightful sequences in a highly charming film with an excellent message.

7. Dr Seuss’ The Grinch

The Grinch is the story of the wretched being that resides above Whoville on Mount Crumpet with his dog, Max.


The Grinch tries to sabotage Christmas as the Whos, the locals of Whoville, intensify their celebrations.


The Grinch pretends to be Santa Claus to restore some tranquillity so he may permanently sabotage the Whos’ Christmas. Finally, Dr Seuss’ The Grinch is a beautiful adaptation of a traditional story appropriate to the entire family.

8. White Christmas

This movie is ideal for kids who enjoy Christmas musical movies. Plus it’s suitable for both kids and adults like their grandparents. This 1950s film has many singing and dancing episodes and is the epitome of the holiday feel-good.

9. National Christmas Vacation

In this timeless holiday film, Clark Griswold (the main character) and his family are looking forward to making the most of their Christmas festival.


That much is certain: what follows will assist you in feeling good about whatever Christmas mishaps you may have, from a tree infected with squirrels to constant fighting.

10. Home Alone

This 1990 comedy movie, produced by John Huges, is among the most popular movies the world has ever seen.  


When Kevin’s entire family departs for a trip to France during the season, he unintentionally gets left behind. The young Macaulay Culkin portrays Kevin. He not only has to take care of himself but also outwit the intruders who burgle a home they believe to be empty.


Every member of the family will like this timeless piece.

11. The Polar Express

This animated Christmas movie follows a small child wearing his pyjamas and experiencing an excellent train excursion to the North Pole.


On Christmas Eve, cuddle up with your children and watch “The Polar Express,” with Tom Hanks as the conductor.

12. Home Alone Part 2

This Christmas, the McCallister family is travelling to Florida. Instead of leaving young Kevin behind as they did in the first film, they forget about him at the airport and only realise it when they reach New York. 


The kid has to encounter the bandits, the original movie’s freshly emancipated band of robbers.

13. Nativity!

Martin Freeman plays a primary-school teacher in charge of planning the Nativity play in this very British holiday comedy.


But with the assistance of his oddball helper Mr Poppy, things start to get out of hand. Parents arguing with one another and overexcited kids harm the show’s success. 

14. Shrek Halls

This movie is designed for young children and is driven to give the kids the best Christmas feeling ever. But nothing goes as planned, as it usually does with this cheerful green monster.


Everyone will enjoy seeing this must-see holiday animation.  

15. Frozen

This movie has many Christmas symbols, like snowmen, elves, and reindeer; despite not being a Christmas movie, it has a summer setting.


Frozen, which debuted in 2013, quickly rose to fame and became a classic.


A lovely story about sisters, Frozen is jam-packed with catchy tunes and gorgeous animation. Undoubtedly a fantastic film which the entire family will love.

16. Wonderful Life

This Christmas movie is a must-see holiday movie if you see one. Suppose you can get your child to sit through a black-and-white movie.


This timeless 1940s song is a heartwarming story that serves as a reminder of all the lovely things in life.

17. The Santa Clause

On Christmas Eve, Tim Allen portrays a father who unintentionally murders Santa. Why could he?


To the pleasure of his kid, he is mysteriously taken to the North, where he discovers that he has to assume the duties of a conventional Father Christmas.

18. Sing-A-Long

Disney’s Frozen, although not exactly a Christmas film, does have a lot of snow, enchantment, and reindeer, so it’s included.


The fantastic Frozen Sing-A-Long movie is a sure way for your kids to get into the holiday mood, and the songs aren’t too terrible!

19. The Santa Clause Part 2

The father in this second movie has the daunting job of being engaged and getting married before Christmas Eve, in addition to learning that his kid is on the bad list or misusing his abilities.

20. The Snow Man

Kids who still strongly believe in the wonder of Christmas will like this stunning animation.


The murder of young las amid the season’s first snow strikes Detective Harry as anything but an ordinary crime. In his inquiry, he discovers “The Snow Killer,” an elusive psychopath who persistently plays cat and mouse with the authorities. 


As the brutal killings continue, Harry joins forces with a smart newcomer to entice the lunatic out of hiding so that he doesn’t strike again.

21. The Snowdog And The Snowman

This little animated movie about the Snowman’s new buddy is a joyous pleasure, especially on Christmas Eve. The film is fantastic for children, and adults will find it charming, although they often don’t like to acknowledge it.

22. The Nightmare 

This Christmas movie, directed by Tim Burton, is a terrifying movie that tells the tale of Jack Skellington. This character has plans to take over Christmas festive by abducting Santa Claus.


The film has a vibe of a combination of Christmas with Halloween!

23. Christmas Carol

There are several renditions of this Christmas movie, but for kids, a little older, consider showing them the vintage 1951 version.


They will most likely love the tale of the stingy and unhappy Scrooge.  

24. The Kranks

In This Christmas movie, Kranks’ daughter informs the family that she will be away over Christmas. So, the family decides to skip the holiday plans and take a cruise.


However, their original plans are altered, and they are left scrambling to organise an entire Christmas feast.

25. Mickey’s Carol

The narrative of Charles Dickens’s timeless novella, A Christmas Carol, is presented in Mickey’s Christmas Carol by some of Disney’s most beloved Mickey Mouse characters.


This 28-minute short film stars Scrooge McDuck as the naughty moneylender and includes several well-known Disney characters. As a result, it is another enjoyable Christmas movie for children to watch.

26. Nativity Part 2

Students of St. Bernadette primary are back; this time, they are determined to win the national competition. They are planning to sing Christmas songs during the competition. 


This is mostly an improvised holiday comedy about children contending for an award for the outstanding Nativity performance in the Midlands. It surely had to be greater than this dreadful follow-up, in which several of the same actors were. 


They include Marc Wootton, infantile teacher aide groups from their institutions, to a Welsh castle to compete in a TV contest for the coolest performance. David Tennant now plays the dual roles of the two significant instructors, one an aspiring prig and the other a likeable substitute teacher. 

The Nativity Part 3

In this third series of the Nativity movie, the film mainly focuses on a few characters like Catherine Tate, Martin Clunes, and Celia Imrie.


At St. Bernadette, Mr Poppy helps the students register to perform a play in a competition; if they win, the organisers will sponsor their vacation in New York.


On Christmas Eve in New York, Jeremy Shepherd, a brand-new teacher, will wed Sophie. However, Poppy’s donkey severely kicks him in the forehead, leading to him losing his memories.


The kids try everything possible to assist the teacher in regaining his lost memory in time before D-day. Fortunately, their attempts are rewarded just in time before their performance on the big stage. 

28. NativityPart  4

This Christmas movie is the latest Nativity series and was published in 2018.


The movie starts when Doru, a Syrian refugee youngster, lands in the United Kingdom alone; he has no family members to assist him. Following his relocation, Mr Poppy’s brother Jerry Poppy serves as his new teaching assistant at St. Bernadette School.


He aids Doru in his father-hunting efforts as the class prepares for another Christmas performance.


Craig Revel Horwood is featured in this Nativity movie alongside other characters such as Celia Imre, Ruth Jones, Hugh Dennis, and Meera Syal.

29. Dog Who Saved Christmas

In this endearing Christmas movie, a dog saves his owners from being burglarised. Ideal for young children who will adore Zeus, the movie’s canine protagonist.

30. Santa Paws

The title of this Christmas film suggests that it will appeal to kids who love animals. The real Santa loses his memory, forcing Santa Paws to save Christmas.


Your dog may join the rest of the family in relaxing and taking in this.

31. Mickey Christmas Carol

The animation is gorgeous and stays true to the classic Dickens tale. It’s not quite an hour long, but neither are most Disney holiday offerings, so you don’t have to worry too much about that. Happy to hear from Alan again; Scrooge is a penny pincher who despises Xmas, much to the dismay of his ardent clerk Bob. 


After being forewarned by Marley, three ghosts visit him and finally tell him about his bad habits. Though short, kids may be emotional throughout the scene where Scrooge fears for Tiny Tim’s life.

32. The Year Without A Santa Claus

In this 1974 movie, Santa chooses to retire temporarily for a year—quite honestly, it’s well-deserved. Can he find the true spirit of Christmas at a good time to present all the gifts, though, with all those kids waiting for their gifts on Christmas eve?

33. Gremlins

This 1980s classic contains some weird situations, so it’s best to watch it with older children.


A youngster who adopts a Mogwai around Christmas is advised not to feed it past midnight, place it near water, or expose it to harsh light.  


Unfortunately, he doesn’t follow the guidelines and exposes the Mogwai to the conditions. This mistake leads to complete anarchy.

34. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Any Snoopy lover will love this Christmas animation. Charlie follows Lucy’s advice to lead the Christmas performance to get into the holiday mood, but everyone ridicules the small, lanky Christmas he brings back. 


The true spirit of Christmas eventually emerges and begins to work its magic more.

35. A Muppets Christmas

In this Christmas movie, Muppets travel to the Northern Pole on this entertaining trip with these beloved plush creatures in the hopes of delivering messages to Santa Claus.


Your kids will like this enjoyable Christmas movie whether they are already Muppets fans or are just discovering the series.


In addition to children, parents will appreciate this uplifting and traditional Christmas story, which clocks in at only 56 minutes.

36. Ernest Saves Christmas

There is a recurring motif here. Drained Santas An exhausted Santa ends himself being driven about Miami by a cabbie who also assists him in finding the best retirement home.


The reindeer can get up in the air! Those naughty elves! Santa’s sleigh rides at the speed of light! This hilarious and sweet comedy is sure to be a smash with its beautiful blend of seasonal spirit, crazy greetings for the season, and mind-blowing special effects. Santa enlists the assistance of a humorous cast of people. 


Worrell has to hand off his suitcase of Christmas goodies to a new St. Nick upon his retirement. Ernest and Santa give a jaded teenager a fresh perspective on the holiday spirit along the journey. 

37. Four Christmases

In this fantastic, Reece Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn play a spouse who must spend Christmas Day travelling to four separate homes since their families are split. There will now be four Christmases in one day, which could be an explosive — absolute terror.

38. Deck The Hall’s

Christmastime and neighbours Danny and Steve (Matthew Broderick) are at odds. The cause? Danny wants to adorn his home with Christmas lights seen from outer space. Being competitive with Steve Let the conflict begin!

39. Love Actually

This movie by Richard Curtis is the ideal holiday rom-com.


Hugh Grant, Bill Nighy, Rowan Atkinson, and Keira Knightley are the outstanding actors in the nine connected storylines that make up the film Love.


Not appropriate for new couples, but your older adolescents will like it.

40. Mickey’s Magical Christmas

Mickey’s buddies can’t return home over Christmas festive because of snowfall. Can he assist them in making it home in time for the celebrations? Though this task is challenging, he is Mickey Mouse and will do everything to see it goes through. 


A beautiful Disney animation that is perfect for more minor children.

41. Stick Man

The Stick Man is a must-see for any young children who enjoy the Stick Man books by Julia Donaldson.


Parents should know that the short amazing British movie Stick Man is inspired by the delightful book of the same name by Julia Donaldson. The Christmas setting makes the novel suitable for younger readers. 


Stick Man is an excellent pick for young kids because of his friendliness, the strength of character and determination to return to his family despite some mild comedic hazards (a big dog takes Stick Man for a game of fetch, wanders into the sea and is thrown by waves).

42. Fred Claus

This movie is one of the best family comedy movies your kid will ever see; starring Vince Vaughn, it explores what it feels like to be the brother of Santa Claus.


Fred is tired of being in his brother’s shadow Santa Claus. However, the two siblings are reconciled when Santa’s business is in danger of closing.

43. The Holiday

This Christmas movie is a romantic comedy starring Jack Black, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Cameron Diaz.


After two ladies experience sorrow, the tale focuses on a home swap during Christmas, but they don’t stay for long, as some odd romances develop due to their new settings.


Another one that slightly older children might appreciate is this.

44. Jingle All The Way Movie

If you’ve been trying to acquire your child the must-have toy of the year and failed, this is a fantastic Christmas movie.


In this movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger is portrayed as a hardworking father who is anxious to get his kid an action figure of Turbo Man.


The only issue is that they are all out of stock.

44. The Night Before Christmas

Another excellent movie for small children is this one.


Can Gregory the Mouse, the lousy fairy Implestik, and the well-known children’s tale by Gregory, Mary Engelbreit, and the Good Fairy cease blocking Santa’s deliveries?

43. Santa Buddies

The buddy pups travel to the Northern Pole to see Santa’s workshop in this Disney movie.


However, with so much work remaining to be done, Santa’s staff of harried employees is quickly recovering their Christmas joy. Can the pups provide an assisting hand and paw and revive the joyous holiday spirit?

47. Barbie On Christmas 

Fans of Barbie will like this adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


A nasty employer receives visits from three ghosts when she refuses to give her employees time off for Christmas. Let’s hope she can regain her holiday spirit soon.

48. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Steve Martin plays a business person frantically trying to return home in moments of Thanksgiving in the 1980s classic Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.


A cheerful holiday comedy that can keep the youngsters laughing throughout.

49. The Elf On The Shelf

When Chippy the Elf is brought to stay with a friend in this movie, he learns that the little kid is starting to doubt if Santa is real. He MUST persuade him of the wonder of Christmas.


Are you beginning to consider where you want your elf to sit? Why not use this as inspiration for some humorous locations?

50. The Four Realms and the Nutcracker 

To open a rare box, little Clara requires a magical key. She finds the key with the help of a golden thread, but it vanishes into an uncanny parallel universe.


She encounters a group of mice, a soldier named Phillip, and the person who rules over realms there. To recover the key and provide stability to the unsteady nation, Phillip and Clara should connectively enter the fourth realm.

51. Meet Me in St Louis

Even though it’s an oldie, this story (which is in colour) is unquestionably timeless.


Featuring Margaret O’Brien and  Judy Garland, the musical Meet Me in St. Louis movie was set in 1904. It is a true classic and funny and romantic!


Everyone in the family will sing and hum along to the most well-known song from the movie, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” which was an instant smash in the 1940s.

52. The Peppa’s Christmas 

While the family prepares for Christmas, Peppa and George submit their letters to Santa.


Santa pays a visit to Peppa’s home later that evening. But he forgets his list as he tumbles down the chimney!


This must-watch will undoubtedly make the family laugh for all Peppa Pig lovers in the run-up to Christmas.


Just one brief Christmas episode is included; the remaining episodes are regular Peppa episodes, so keep that in mind.

53. The Jingle Jangle

Look no further if you’re seeking a family-friendly musical that will warm your heart.


In this fantasy movie, a happy toy company and its grandchild use a unique invention to bring a fantastic world to life.


Jingle Jangle also conveys a very uplifting message. It serves as a reminder that everything is possible if you have the right attitude.

54. The Princess Switch

You’ll adore The Princess Switch if your family enjoys romantic comedies.


This film, which stars Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical, is most appropriate for children ages eight and above, but it’s sure to be a tween and older kids’ favourite.


The plot centres on a duchess who switches lives with an average Chicago woman who looks exactly like her.

55. Holiday Trolls 

This 26-minute-long short animation continues the story of the Trolls movie with a ton of adorable and vibrant characters.


For babies and young children, it’s a delightful watch. Additionally, the entire family will enjoy Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, and Zooey Deschanel’s charming renditions of cover tunes.

56. A Christmas Carol

This Christmas movie has been adapted for the big screen since 1908. What benefits does this provide? Leslie Bricusse, an Oscar-winning composer, has reimagined songs for this version, which will be available on Netflix on December 2.

Advice on Picking a Family-friendly Christmas Movie

Christmas can become quite a tumultuous time, depending on how crowded your home is, so use our advice to make the festivities a little more orderly.


  • Take turns selecting a movie to watch. Allowing family members to select a movie to watch would eliminate the difficulty and disagreements. You will learn about a new movie you would never have watched.


  • If you don’t want to like spending a night watching movies together, compile a list of family-friendly films and ask everyone to pick their best. If not, ask everyone to list their favourite holiday film on a sheet of paper and then choose one from a hat. You may always store the remaining pieces there for viewing movies.
  • Take a quiz about Christmas movies. Why not inform your kids you’ll have a movie quiz session after the movie? If there isn’t one already available, you may either discover one online (mainly if the film is well-known) or, if you’ve already seen it, take notes on some straightforward questions as you watch the film. 


The competition will be a hit with the kids, and you can have Christmas-themed gifts, but it’s a great idea to offer some smaller gifts to the other competitors as well. Start having fun now!

Final Thought

Why not convert your family’s Christmas night into a festive affair with holiday treats and decorations if you wish to make it more than a regular occasion? You can make it a tradition, and the children will adore the fun!


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