25 Top Kids Hairstyles

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While some girls are pleased to wear their hair in a simple ponytail, others prefer braids or next-level pigtails for a more polished appearance. 


Any occasion — school, girl’s birthday parties, church, or even a day of shopping — can benefit from a clean, eye-catching haircut that makes them feel unique. Additionally, you’ll feel a bit better knowing that your best friend is feeling as beautiful as she does, Mom (or Dad!).


Some of these looks take a minute or two to do (seriously!) if your bathroom has been prepared for less-busy mornings and your hair elastics are stored in the correct location. Set aside a few more minutes to create a look she’ll be pleased with for other, more complicated styles.


If you’re seeking ideas to pull off this style on your own, continue reading for 17 of the favourite top knot hairstyles. Your tresses will express their gratitude to you for giving them the much-needed respite.

1. Flower Crown

You must go back to prehistoric Greece to learn the history of the floral crown because people have found the fresh flower halo to be a fashionable adornment. 


Why, then, are flower crowns so damned popular right now? Along with being a universally recognised sign of joy, love, and fertility throughout history, flower crowns are also very simple to customise. 


You can make your arrangements as elaborate or basic as possible, from large blooms to a few simple green sprigs and little spray roses. Ask your hairdresser if you can incorporate one into your haircut, make one specifically for each bridesmaid, or have your flower girls wear little crowns.

2. Criss-Cross Braids

Pigtails have never looked so chic with X-shaped braids and complementing pink ribbons. Note: Damp Hair works best for the style.


For a casual setting, crisscross braids are a great option; they are simple and provide the user with some degree of styling control. There are many other ways to style criss-cross braids, including relaxed, tight, or in an updo.


Long-haired people should choose loose criss-cross braids. Create a centre part in your hair to get this style. Cross a little hair length from the front of the head over the middle area. Use a little elastic band to cinch the part in place.

3. Top Knot

The top knot is a terrific method to keep all of your hair out of your face while still appearing stylish and put together, and it will become your best friend on the second or the third day of your hair cycle. Every hair type can wear the top knot, so whether yours is straight or curly short or long thin or thick, we’re sure there’s a top knot out there that will look amazing on you!

4. Double French Braid

French braid each portion down the back by dividing the hair in half. This cut is perfect for the sporty teen.


The double French braid is a charming and functional hairdo. Double French braids are perfect whether you’re going out for a formal occasion, need to pull your hair back for workouts, or when trying something new. Any hair beyond the chin may be French braided, although shoulder-length hair is ideal for the style. 


Do one of two things to give this trendy hairdo a try. You may do two individual braids or join the braids at the base to form one large braid.


Many techniques for creating a double braid:


  • Making 2 Different Braids
  • Double French Braids are combined to form one braid

5. Tied Up Braids

Don’t be fooled by appearances; while this hairstyle may seem above your level of competence, it is only two braided pigtails with animated clips. Simple enough, yes?


The hectic mornings are ideal for this simple yet powerful look. Your hair should be divided into two portions, each of which should be gently braided. Then gather each braid into a half-up ponytail using a hair tie. Once all braids are secured, give the hair a little pull to release the braid.

6. Side Ponytail

It’s easy to do, takes very little time, and looks great on all hair lengths, as seen by Modern Family’s Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who wears her hair in a low ponytail at the base of her neck.


Try wearing your hair in a low ponytail for a festive look. You may wear your hair up or down, depending on length. Loose waves may be achieved using a curling iron, even on short hair.

7. Twist Wrap Ponytail

This twisted masterpiece works for every occasion and takes five minutes tops. You may use it to dress up her go-to pigtail or hold her hair securely in place during football matches.


Any athletic event would benefit significantly from using it since it keeps hair away from the face and holds it firmly.


Detailed Procedure:


  • Pull your hair back in a ponytail fastened with elastic
  • Take a little section of hair out of your ponytail. When your elastic is completely covered, wrap it around it and pin it beneath to hide it
  • On each side of your ponytail, grab a little hair. With each component, form a rope twist
  • Now twist your ponytail like a rope. There should be one massive and two little rope twists
  • You will wrap the little twists around your massive twist. Adhering to the twisting pattern
  • Please take the right twist and turn it once, then the left-most tiny twist and wrap it around. You should continue alternate wrapping till the finish. Use an elastic to join all twists together

8. Ballerina Bun

Not only are dance performances appropriate for the ballerina bun. This neat, pulled-back style is a chic option for any event and is secured with a crocheted hair accessory in the shape of a flower.


Have you all had a go-to hairdo for mornings when you don’t feel like taking more than 90 seconds to get dressed? Does your hair usually end up in a low bun by lunchtime, even on days when you do give your hair a lot of consideration? A bun around the neck is always a safe choice for most people. 


This is why they usually look forward to Martha Lynn’s videos, in which she demonstrates various hairdos. Your go-to hairstyle has a somewhat more elegant (and much bigger) big sister. After witnessing the simple step-by-step, most people are less hesitant to give her a try.

9. Fishtail Braid

It takes some getting used to, but the effect is definitely worth the effort once you do. To get the Elsa look, try a looser, chunkier variant!


When you desire to expand the range of your daily appearances, a fishtail braid might be helpful. Although it is simple to learn and has a wide range of applications, you should know that this is not an essential sort of braid. There won’t be anything you can’t recreate after you’ve mastered the technique of making a fishtail.


In essence, a fishtail differs from all other ordinary braids since it only requires two strands to be produced instead of three or more of the others. Remove a bit of hair from one strand and transfer it to the other, repeating the process until it is finished. 

10. Dutch Braid Pigtail

Before you begin, make sure your young girl has the patience to remain still for a while and add a dab of texturising spray to her wet hair.


Despite how quickly and efficiently they may be done, Dutch pigtail braids make quite an impression. The trick is easy to remember: French braids go over, while Dutch braids go under. This tutorial will show you how to do the entire style, which works well with short and long hair. It takes a while to master the look, but with experience, you can get ready in only five to ten minutes.

11. Double Braid Tieback

Encourage your daughter to try something new by suggesting a boho braided style that you can do with any length or kind of hair.


The hairstyle seen in today’s video is a variation of the classic dutch braid that seems more complicated than it is. Most people are massive fans of understated looks that fool the eye. 


For this look, you do two dutch french braids in the back, secure them with elastic, and then part them, so they look like one large braid. You get the idea. Watch a video demonstration to understand how to create this hairdo. 

12. Sock Bun

Use a discarded (clean) sock as the foundation for your little girl’s elegant bun. Think of a bow that goes with her attire.


A sock may be used as your “bun maker” for this hairdo, although many shops now offer pre-formed versions.


Some of the stages were a) difficult to shoot, b) challenging to explain, and (most often) c) challenging to photograph and explain. Hopefully, these photographs and recommendations will help you build your sock bun. 


The ingredients needed to make a sock bun


Hairspray, moulding wax, a handheld mirror, a hair tie, bobby pins*, a bun maker*, and a headband (any style would do). Anti-frizz spray may also assist with flyaways.


The bobby pins and bun maker must match the shade of your hair (roughly). Blondes should wear a bun maker or sock with gold pins that are white or nude in hue. Use a brown or black bun maker and pins if your hair is darker.


You can construct a bun maker out of two skinny trousers and socks. Invert the socks one inside the other and remove the toes. Roll the socks together until no more material is visible.

13. Side Braided Ponytail

Use some leave-in conditioner and a rainbow of hair ties to draw back her gorgeous hair on hot summer days.


The most common question hairstylists get from people is how to replicate the side braid ponytail. It’s a tried-and-true look that people love to sport in the warmer months. The Georgia sun is no joke, so people want a nice hairdo that keeps their hair off their face and neck. In addition, braiding your hair provides a lot of variety.


Precisely what are you doing wrong as you attempt to make this updo? After reading this article, you will be astounded at how simple it is to get this stunning side braid ponytail. There is a video that demonstrates a standard side french braid and another that demonstrates a dutch braid. However, they are interchangeable and may be used for any style.

14. Pigtail Buns

When you’re rushing to go to school, make these sloppy buns your go-to style. Pigtail buns are a simple way to pull your hair back from your face without committing to a ponytail. You may also use a headband or ribbon to give them a more elegant appearance.


  • Two holders for ponytails
  • Ribbon or headband, if desired.




  1. Create a ponytail on both sides of your head
  2. One ponytail’s hair is wrapped around the other’s ponytail’s base, and the two are held together with a bobby pin
  3. Flip it over and do it again
  4. Tie a bow or wear a headband if you choose

15. Split Pigtails

Put a rubber band around her bangs and the rest of the front of her hair, then separate it into two pigtails.


Begin by creating a middle part in your hair for pigtail braids. Then, clip off a little chunk of hair from one side of your head, and separate it into three sections. Start braiding the hair, gradually adding more strands from the other side of your head. After reaching the end of the braid, you may use a transparent elastic to keep it in place. Flip it over and do it again.

16. Half Bun

This quick and straightforward updo is perfect for young girls with long hair since it keeps hair out of their face, can be put together in a matter of seconds, and results in a cute, full top knot they will adore admiring in the mirror.


To create a half bun, gather up about a third of your hair and twist it into a bun, leaving the remaining hair down.

17. Flip Faux Fishtail

This reverse variation on a side fishtail braid is explained in detail in written instructions and a video demonstration. Butterfly clips are necessary to complete the effect.


Most people are attracted to boho hairstyles since they’re so simple, and anybody can do this flip fishtail. They are adorable and make me think of the summer. This hairdo is an excellent place to add summer flowers to boost your bohemian appearance.

18. Pigtail Braids

Skai Jackson, a former Disney star, wears her hair in two-side Dutch braids that she pulls into low pigtails.


Do you want to switch things up and think pigtail braids could be your thing? We’ve done the legwork for you and combed the web for the most stylish pigtails of the year thus far.

19. Criss-Cross Braided Buns

Another relatively simple and seemingly complicated hairstyle. Then, you can crisscross the pigtails on top of her head and fasten them into three separate buns.


A simple hairdo is always everyone’s first choice. Yes, air drying is somewhat healthier for your hair, but the truth is that most days, not many people have the energy and time to blow dry their hair. 


Even though most people like experimenting with their hair and trying out various styles, they will not put in the effort required if the process is too time-consuming or difficult. Styles like today’s effortless five-minute braided bun prove that many cute options appear more admirable and complex than they are.


You can make this bun in less than five minutes, no joke.

20. Bubble Braid

This simple hairdo can make your young one appear adorable. The “bubbles” in the hair look cuter with a little bow at the end.


Although bubble braids are comparable to regular braids, they are simpler and faster to create. Bubbles are clumps of hair that may be styled in various ways, from pigtails to ponytails to nothing at all. You can whip up some of them with relative ease, while others need a little more work; with some practice, however, you’ll have them all down pat in no time. 


You can do whatever you want with bubble braids, and that’s why they’re so fantastic. They are bang up-to-date and a ton of fun. You may make them seem formal or casual, making them the new Dutch, boxer, or French braid.

21. Triple Buns

It takes skill and the might of the force to achieve this Star Wars-inspired hairstyle. Look no further than Cute Girls Hairstyles for the how-to.


Here’s another easy way to style your curly hair daily. You may avoid a terrible hair day and relieve stress at the end of the day by following the steps in the lesson on making a curly triple bun.


Frequently, you may find me sporting a top knot. It’s one of the simplest hairdos you can do. But hairstylists encourage you to break out of your top knot rut and spice up your wardrobe with new, exciting looks.


It won’t take you longer than a single bun to get this chic, triple-bun hairdo.


The added comfort of the three-bun style is a significant plus. You may wear your hair up all day, and the three attachment points will distribute the weight evenly over your head. Every strand of hair is securely fastened so that you won’t suffer from the classic bun headache at the end of the day.

22. Hair Tie Faux French Braid

Most mothers aren’t skilled at the French braid, so if you’re in that boat, give this style a go. It acts like a french braid to keep hair out of the face and works from the back. But you won’t need to practice your braiding skills. Put on some hair elastics. 


In the “half up, half down” starting position, you pull only the upper half up. Put some more hair in and another elastic in. To get a full backcombing, continue until the hair can no longer be seen.

23. Quadruple Twist Hairstyle

The triple twist hairstyle looks impressive on youngsters with long hair, especially those with curly hair. Your young diva will be ready with her quirky triple twist when you have some styling cream, spray gel, ponytail holders, and gorgeous butterfly clips.

24. Fun Style for Short Hair

This is essentially the same as the long-haired version of the Faux French Braid, just shorter. Extensive hair ties were used; however, others with shorter hair may find that smaller hair ties work better with this particular style. This is the official soccer hairstyle, but it also works as an “elegant” style for a short bob haircut when embellished with ribbons.

25.  Flip Tail Hairstyle

Flip tail hairstyle is a great and clever version of the standard ponytail. You must tie two short ponytails before combining them into a single ponytail. Your little angel looks adorable with this hairdo; chances are her friends will all ask you to do the same for them. You can style your girl’s hair while using a suitable ponytail holder.


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