40+ Gifts Ideas for 11-Year-Old Girls

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Since eleven-year-old girls are in the transition phase, shopping for them can be challenging. In this article, we’ve come up with a list of the best gifts you could get for your eleven-year-old. This list includes everything from clothing and decor to gadgets, books, and age-appropriate games. 


You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get these items — most of the items listed are budget-friendly. Most of the items are Amazon gifts you can ship, making them ideal as last-minute gifts when you don’t have time to shop around.  


Consider your teen girl’s personality; a new water bottle can come in handy if she’s sporty. If she loves reading, you can buy a book series. If she’s crafting, she would be an art kit or crochet. 


Regardless of her likes and interests, we’re sure she’ll love the items listed in this article. 

Best 11-Year-Old Gift Ideas 

1. Throw Blanket

Most people love throw blankets as they are snuggly and warm. Throw blankets are usually made from luxury fabrics, thus providing a more inviting and softer experience than regular blankets. 


You can opt for a throw blanket made from luxurious material like silk or cashmere, but if you’re on a budget, you can also buy one made from synthetic materials that still offers a luxurious feel.  

2.  Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are a great gift for a child with an active style. She can use them when she’s at the beach, running, biking, hiking, boating, and while at the pool. The AirPods are water and sweat-resistant, so you can be sure they’ll remain in mint condition no matter the activity she engages in. 

3. DIY  Lip Balm Kit

Lip balms offer an excellent way for your child to keep their lips hydrated and supple. DIY lip balm gifts are perfect as your child controls their lip balm’s consistency, scent, moisture level, and colour. The kit includes all she’ll require to make the lip balm, including simple instructions.  

4. Cursive Name Necklace

Most girls love jewellery; necklaces are the best choice for a girl’s first grown-up jewellery. Cursive name necklaces will never go out of style, and they are the perfect gift for any occasion, like holidays and birthdays. The necklaces come in various colours; you can choose from rose gold, gold, and silver.  

5. Fujifilm Instant Camera

This camera is similar to polaroid cameras, allowing her to get print photographs seconds after taking them. The camera features a lens that can focus as close as three feet away and an in-built flash for nice pictures, even in poor lighting. It also has an exposure counter which indicates the number of photos left in the film pack. 

6. Middle School GuideBook

There are various middle school guidebooks in the market, but A Smart Girl’s Guide Is the most popular. The book will guide your child in everything she needs to know about juggling friends, homework, and teachers.   

7. Fairy Lights

Most teenagers are obsessed with LED lights as they’re the most convenient way to add life to a room.  Besides that, these lights also spruce up the room and add a touch of warmth and coziness. 

8. Nail Stamper Studio

A nail stamper studio set allows her to express her creativity and individuality and add some flair to her style. She can use the nail stamper with her friends during sleepovers to create unique designs.  

9. GlitterPhone Case

For most 11-year-olds, glitter makes everything better, and what’s better than keeping your phone protected in style?  Glitter phone cases come in various colours, including purple, blue, orange, and green. They also have an in-built ring stand and adjustable holders. 

10. Academic Planner

You can help your girl get organised in style by buying her a planner that’ll make her feel put together and grown up. Most academic planners come with matching sticky notes and bookmarks. There are also plenty of colours to choose from to suit her personal preferences.   

11. Toiletry Bag

This useful gift can come in handy during family trips, camps, sleepovers, or everyday use. The bag comes in various designs and colour combinations.  

12. Boba Tea Stuffed Toy

Material: Cotton and Plush This cute stuffed toy is inspired by the Bobba tea drink, and it has a unique design and is the perfect gift for 11-year-old girls. It’s cuddly and soft and made from high-quality cotton and plush fabrics. It comes in various designs, colours, and sizes, and you can choose one that fits your girl’s personality.  

13. Pop Maker

The babycakes pop maker is the perfect gift for any young chef. This gadget has a non-stick coating and can bake nine pops in minutes. Its colourful design will add a pop of colour to your kitchen. 

14. Hydro Flask

Your girl will want to carry around this water bottle everywhere she goes. This flask keeps water cold for 24 hours and features an in-built straw. It’s also dishwasher-safe and is free of toxins like BPA.  

15. 2022’s Just Dance 2022

This Just Dance’s new version has new gameplay and 40 tracks. It’s the perfect gift for your daughter to enjoy with her friends. 

16. Swing Chair

Swing chair will be an instant hit with your eleven-year-old. She can use the chair outside or inside, which can be mounted from a branch or ceiling beam. Swing chairs offer the perfect cocoon for your child to curl up with a book. 

17. Mini Brands

The mini brands feature a mystery capsule with tiny objects that one can find in the real world, such as soy sauce, spam, or mentos gum. The best part of receiving this gift is the unboxing since there are more than 500 possible items. Buying your girl this gift allows her to enjoy teen things and simultaneously hold on to her love for toys. 

18. Letter Board with Fairy Lights

Most eleven-year-old girls will giddy up at the thought of seeing their name in lights. The ten-by-ten Felt letter board with in-built LED lights offers your girl a chance to have her name in lights. The board features a tripod for a simple and mobile display. The board is equipped with a wall-mount hanger if she prefers a more permanent spot. 

19. Geode Bath Bombs

Geode bath bombs are a great gift since, unlike conventional bath bombs, they’re glittery and have fun shapes. They’re also made from natural ingredients like essential oils and shea butter. They come in various scents, including ocean, coconut, and lemon. 

20. Stargirl

This is an excellent book for a girl who loves reading. The book is a coming-of-age story and offers your child a great chance to learn about peer pressure and conformity. 

21. Deluxe Art Pack

This is the best gift for a teen into art and drawing. The set comes with sketch pads, watercolours, pastels, coloured pencils, paint brushes, and many other art supplies she may need. 

22. Velvet Scrunchies

Scrunchies have been making a comeback recently; from the looks of it, they’re here to stay. Buying her a unique, handmade 45-piece scrunchy set will ensure she’ll have a year-long supply.  

23. Ukulele Bundle

Learning to play a musical instrument is an excellent way for your child to improve their self-confidence and reduce stress. Whether she’s an expert or a beginner, a ukulele bundle is a perfect gift. The bundle comes in various vibrant colours and has picks, straps, and a canvas tote bag. 

24. Wireless Headphones

You can never go wrong with wireless headphones; buying her these will also save you from having to listen to annoying YouTube videos she enjoys watching. 

25. Karaoke System

A singing karaoke machine is fun to bring the family together and get everyone laughing. Most karaoke systems have functions that allow one to record performances and feature led lights that appeal to your teen.  

26. Claw Clips

The 90s are making a comeback with teens and tweens; claw clips are better than scrunchies as they’re softer and stretchier. They also come in handy on busy days when she can’t find time to make her hair; she can chomp it up in a pile for a retro look.  

27. MioMao

These bags are made of high-quality canvas that is tear-resistant, thick, reliable, and easy to clean. Its interior has a pocket where she can store her keys, wallet, phone, and other personal items. The bags are in various vibrant colours and are printed on both sides. 

28. Women in Science

This bestseller offers your teen a chance to learn about 50 iconic women whose achievements in mathematics, engineering, technology, and science changed the world. 

29. Slumber Party Mad Libs

Mad Libs is one of the best word games worldwide and is an excellent gift for people who like laughing. The game features 20 fill-in-the-blank stories to keep your daughter and her friends entertained during slumber parties.  

30. Scratch Map

If your child loves documenting family trips, she’ll love this gift, which will help her record your adventures. Scratch Maps are usually exciting and colourful and serve as decor pieces.

31. Pictionary Air

This is a modern variation of the Pictionary game where your child can use body movements and a smartphone. This game can keep her and her friend entertained during sleepovers. 

32. Timex’s Marathon Watch

This is an excellent gift as it has an adjustable strap and comes in various colours, including black, gold, and silver. The watch also has a military time mode, is water resistant, and allows one to set alarms.   

33. Harry Potter Collection

If your daughter loves Harry Potter, the best gift for her would probably be a Hogwarts acceptance letter. Nevertheless, a complete Harry Potter collection can suffice. The collection has all seven books of the Harry Potter series, that’s sure to keep her engaged for a while.

34. Royal Elevenness Shirt

There’s no cuter way for your daughter to welcome her 11th birthday than with the royal eleveness shirt. The Shirt is available in various colours and sizes; you can get her a large size to use as a sleep shirt.

35. Guitar Bundle

This is the best gift for a child that’s into guitars or wants to learn how to play one. Most bundles come with picks, straps, strings, a tuner, and a gig bag. 

 36. Small Alpaca Earrings

These tiny earrings are the perfect size for daily wear; they come in various colours, including rose gold, silver, and gold. 

37. Crochet Kit

If your daughter is into DIYs, this is the perfect gift, as it features all the beginner tools she’ll need to start crocheting. 

38. Metal Marquee Letter

These are an excellent addition to your daughter’s room. You can buy one letter for her initial or several to spell out her name. 

39. Waterproof Backpack

A grownup bag will last your daughter through middle school. These bags come in various colours and have a cell phone pocket where they can put their phones and other personal items.

40. Succulent Collection

If your daughter is into gardening, gifting her succulents on her birthday is a great idea. The collection comes in a pack of 20, 12, or four plants.  

41. Cute Socks

At eleven years, your daughter hasn’t outgrown cute socks yet. You can buy her a five or 10-pack of cute animal or smiley face socks. 

42. Magical Kitchen

This is another great gift for Harry Potter fans, as it’s the book’s unofficial cookbook. It’s also an excellent gift for a child who wants to get into cooking. 

43. Unicorn Slippers

These plush and soft slippers come in various colours and keep your daughter’s feet warm in a girly style. 


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