37 Fun Christmas Games for Kids

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The Christmas season is in full force, so start practicing those songs. Finding methods to keep your young children occupied may be challenging when you are preparing the yummy Christmas dinner extravaganza and the home ready for holiday visitors simultaneously. 

To your good fortune, we have compiled a list of entertaining Christmas activities for children which can have them occupied for a long while. You could even discover that the grownups want to get in on the action, and you can add such activities to your schedule.

The fact that these holiday activities are suitable for children and are simple to put together is one of the best parts of these activities. If you include them in your list of Christmas crafts, you will be able to complete all your projects in a few to watch your favourite holiday film.

Therefore, assemble yourself in a circle with a mug of warm chocolate, and raise your head forward! Put your best foot forward; it’s time to get ready for the festive season fun moments!

Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt you can print out for your family is the ideal way to bring a little festive spirit into your home. You only need to print off the riddles, conceal them around the home, and then allow your family members to pursue the clues to locate a present or treat at the end of the search!

Who wouldn’t like to go on a Christmas gift treasure expedition to see what Santa Claus has brought for us this year?

Saran Wrap

The Saran wrap ball game is the greatest one ever played. It’s the best Christmas party game and fun for people of all ages. 


Unwrapping the game rewards is one of the most enjoyable parts of playing, especially when you hope nobody else rolls doubles so you can unwrap the whole lot for yourself.


Children will have a lot of fun peeling back layers of this enormous ball to discover what’s hidden underneath.

Snowman Bingo

Are you looking for a way to entertain your children during the months of the year when the weather is less pleasant? This Snowman Bingo game is adorable, enjoyable, and simple to get started with during winter! You may play right now if you print it out for free.


When playing this bingo game with a snowman theme, your children will use the little marshmallows as their markers.


This is a piece of cake! It requires you to print it out, and then you can start playing. Because it is a printable PDF file, you must ensure you can read PDFs. Eight game boards and some little cards need to be cut.

Cup Stacking(Minute to Win It)

Minute To Win It games are a simple, economical answer if you feel like you’re continually out of ideas for how to keep your family amused but lack time to prepare complicated activities that will entertain them.


Even though it may appear complicated, you can succeed in this game! Timing is critical since you are only given a minute.

Movie Trivia

Put on your “Christmas thinking cap” and test your understanding of Christmas movies with Movie Trivia, which the entire family can enjoy together. You may choose to unwind with piping hot chocolate or challenge your friends to some Christmas-themed competition.


By playing this game together, your children may compete against one another to know who can answer the most holiday movie trivia questions correctly. Please do not hesitate to add any queries about the Christmas films your family enjoys watching the most.

Antler Ring Toss

Your friends and family will enjoy this amusing game at your Christmas gatherings. Tossing the rings into these inflatable antlers will be a blast. Making this an opportunity to hurl rings at your head will be a lot of fun. After inflating the antlers with your breath, you’ll be ready.


The game is entertaining and relatively easy to play. Compete against one another to see who can quickly connect the highest number of inflatable rings onto the antlers. It’s time to get moving!

Mad Libs

The Mad Libs series never fails to deliver on the promise of nonstop hilarity, and the Christmas edition is no exception. Your children will have a great time coming up with humorous terms and hearing themselves read their tales.


This free printable Christmas Mad Libs game is fun for kids and adults. Excellent for educators to have in the workplace, as well as for Christmas parties, playgroups, and other gatherings!


Each individual has one minute to pose as many questions as possible to determine which well-known Christmas symbol they are.

Scent Game

Because nothing conjures up Christmas images more than the fragrance of pine and peppermint, we are confident that young children will enjoy playing this game that combines the two distinctive aromas. Young explorers are encouraged to test their keen sense of smell by playing this guessing game, which can be downloaded and printed for free.


The Christmas game is a family-friendly activity that requires very little skill and may be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Snowman Slam

This game can accommodate two to four players and has fascinating racing that focuses on listening and matching. Players compete to be the first to slap a card onto their game boards corresponding to an item mentioned on an instruction card and a component already present on their game boards. 


The winner of the game is the first individual to gather all six snowman pieces. This game is easy to put up and a lot of fun to participate in.

Christmas Bowling

Do you want to recycle your drink bottles but do it in a fun way? You have discovered it in this bowling game decorated for the holidays. To turn them into little Christmas trees, you need only adorn them using star and foam shapes.


Bowling with Christmas Trees is a fun game that is perfect for playing when you have a holiday gathering for kids. It’s the perfect game to play in the classroom or even at a party for the whole family!

Hit the Grinch

Kids will have a great time playing the Christmas game “Hit the Grinch,” which is both simple and entertaining. Ideal for celebrations with the family or in school!


Never let the Grinch dampen your enthusiasm for the Christmas season! With the aid of Nerf weapons and green balloons, you and your younger visitors take turns attempting to shoot the infamous person responsible for stealing Christmas.

Festive Tic-Tac-Toe

The Tic Tac Toe game is ideal for a party or even simply as a center activity if you are searching for a straightforward game to play throughout the holiday season. It’s a fun activity that’s also fast and simple!


Tac Toe game will not only engage your children and entertain them throughout any get-together with the rest of the family but will also have them busy on the way back home. A true Christmas miracle, this tic-tac-toe game may be played anywhere, anytime, thanks to its portability.

Gingerbread Man

After dinner, give everyone in your family a delicious treat by stuffing this adorable gingerbread man with their favorite candies.


Your Christmas celebration will be complete with the addition of this adorable gingerbread guy piñata. Do you long for an original replacement for stockings? Pinatas are a fun way to spice up the holiday season. Stuff the piñata with candies and let your youngster have at it; you never know, having a pinata in the house could just become an annual occurrence in your household.


Additionally, the gingerbread guy might be employed as a jolly decoration for any Christmas celebration held at the office. Because it is both entertaining and exquisitely crafted, our piñata is adaptable to any setting. Everyone will be amazed by the stunning beauty and one-of-a-kind qualities of each piñata.

Christmas Trivia

This game offers a mix of questions that are both simple and difficult to answer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a game to play during family game day or something entertaining to do while travelling for the festivities. Christmas trivia is all you need.


You can compete against one another in teams or take turns answering the questions independently.


The most beneficial aspect of playing trivia with your children is that they will pick up knowledge without realising it. What could be more desirable than gaining knowledge while enjoying one’s self?

Candy Hook ‘Em

You miss a lot of fun if you haven’t boarded the Minute to Win train! The most significant aspect is that they are so straightforward to put together, even though they are such entertaining games. As a result, it should come as no surprise that they are an excellent addition to your next Christmas celebration.


Enjoying this game will surely make everyone merry, from the youngest children to the elderly. Whoever secures the most candy canes on their hooks is the winner of the reward.

Christmas Present

A Christmas gathering wouldn’t be the same without some gift-giving competition, right? Switching, grasping, unwrapping, and begging one another for an individual to take it.


The Christmas present game is humorous, nostalgic, and perhaps even sweet. There is something here to satisfy everyone’s preferences.


The game’s objective is for the players to find the most fantastic presents hidden in the boxes (you should note that some of the boxes contain awful joke gifts! ), and each player has an opportunity to receive the better ones. It could appear to be a gift exchange like Secret Santa, but it’s different and guaranteed to excite all your loved ones.


The Christmas gifts are hidden inside a Christmas tree in this easy-to-play game rather than under the tree itself. Encourage the children to make holes in the tissue paper so that they may receive a reward. It is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable Christmas activities you and your loved ones may participate in together.


Constructing and preparing the game could not be simpler! As a reward, you may use almost anything, including cash, gift certificates, candies, and even more.

Christmas Charades

Suppose you haven’t had a fantastic time laughing and having fun with your family over the holiday season by participating in a game of charades. In that case, you are losing out on a beautiful opportunity. Charades is one of the finest games for families to enjoy over the holiday season since it does not need anything other than people and their imaginations to play; furthermore, there is no restriction on the number of participants.


Playing this festive take on the traditional game is sure to be fun. You won’t need to waste time developing new concepts since you can download this blogger’s printable for free.

Christmas Bingo

Playing this fun Christmas bingo game with the kids at any Christmas gathering is enjoyable! This adorable bingo game is simple to use — print it out and play — whether you want to use it for a class party or a fun pastime at home with the small ones. All folks will adore it!


This adorable Christmas bingo game requires printing. The kids will like it since it’s joyful and cheery.

Snowman Drawing

During your Christmas meal or party, you may give children the task of drawing a snowman in their thoughts. The game is far more complex than it seems!


You may play this Snowman Game anywhere, and it never fails to get a good laugh from its participants. Ideal for use in games involving people of all ages. It’s more about attention than actual drawing abilities, so don’t fret if you aren’t much of an artist.

Silver Bells Memory

You may give the time-honored memory game a seasonal makeover by playing it with Hershey’s Kisses or any other Christmas confectionery.


There are just three things you will need for this game: circle stickers (either coloured or white), Hershey Kisses, and a Sharpie marker.


There are many versions of the Memory game, but this is unique: if you find a pair, you would love to devour them!

DIY Christmas Board

This fantastic Christmas DIY Board Game is the ideal solution if you’re searching for a novel method to prepare for the holiday. When you’re through playing this kid-friendly Christmas game, you’ll have had hours of fun. 


Additionally, it’s a fun Christmas project that’s distinctive. It will have effects that will stay with you for many years and leave you with beautiful memories. Please don’t be hesitant to try this Christmas project for kids and create it for youngsters or families.

Ornament Bean Bag Toss

Acquire some poster board, design your most delicate Christmas tree on it, and divide it into various “point” pieces. Children will be occupied for hours attempting to get the bags to the top.


The bean bags take the form of traditional Christmas decorations. To participate in the game, you will need to throw bean bags shaped like Christmas decorations into a Christmas tree that has been sketched on a sheet of paper. A Christmas gathering at a school or church might be a great activity to engage with others.

Tissue Box Bowling

These snowmen may be constructed out of used tissue boxes; after they’re finished, have the children take them down.


As winter draws closer, prepare your children for the coming of the tissue box balling. Although it may seem fun, making a snowman from tissue boxes would be far more interesting if you turned the process into a bowling game. It is an activity that can potentially keep your children occupied for many hours.

DIY Snow Paint

You need water, food colouring, and a sprayer to create vibrant colours. Let your children spend hours creating masterpieces for Christmas.

Water and food colouring are the only two items needed to make your snow paint. Your kids will like helping too, and it’s simple to put together!

Have youngsters shake the bottles after adding the food colouring. Then you create various patterns and images in the snow.

Christmas Tree Ball

It is a beautiful way to get youngsters moving while instructing them to classify things according to their respective colours.


Cardboard, Poster board, zip ties, ball pit balls, a yardstick, construction paper, and a basket are the materials that you will need to make this sorting game with a Christmas theme.

Santa Photo Booth

Christmas decorations make your house seem fanciful and fantastic throughout the festive season.


Create a stock photo space and supply it with amusing and festive masks that may be utilised for pictures. Here’s a time-saving suggestion: Make the most of this occasion to snap a family portrait for your holiday card.

Santa Hats Cup Stacking

This Christmas game is suitable for children of all ages and combines small red plastic cups and white pom-poms to create a comical stacking challenge.


You start by placing a cup on the ground and then adding a pom pom to the top of the cup to act as the ball. The following person will then set their cup and pom down before continuing. You will lose the game if your headgear brings down the tower.


This game is a blast and would be great for a get-together with friends or family or even a minute-to-win-it day at school.

Don’t Ring The Bells

Kids may significantly improve their analytical and deductive reasoning with the help of this deceptively simple game. In this game, one of the most difficult challenges is learning to inhibit the temptation to ring the bell consciously. 


It is not a task that should be taken lightly. Children between three and five strongly react to the animal hunt scenario. They are far better able to control their impulses in the name of a hunt than to win a game. 


Even though it acknowledges kids’ natural predisposition and wants to be noisy, energetic, and lively, this variation continues to assist children in developing self-control.


This fantastic obstacle course and attention game will be a massive hit with your youngsters; make sure they don’t ring bells!

Snowman Bowling

To put together the snowman pins, you will need empty, white construction paper, toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, markers, scissors,  pom-poms, and hot glue.


Create bowling pins that seem like snowmen, and you’ll have a fun wintertime game to help you forget being confined inside for the season!

Jingle Bell Toss

Converting a game intended for adults into something appropriate for children to enjoy over the holiday season may be done for less than five dollars. Because of this, your children will be bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm far into the night. You can make your own in a matter of minutes with simple materials. The perfect game for Christmas Eve, holiday parties in the school, and other festivities!

Dear Santa Printables

This year, you should encourage your youngster to write a letter to Santa using one of these templates. They will make the process enjoyable for you, and you will have a lovely memory that you will cherish for many decades.


Some templates are unfilled, allowing children to write their letters to Santa. 


Put a few crayons and one of these Christmas letters templates with blanks to fill in next to each dish. The children will put in a lot of effort to demonstrate to Santa how well-behaved they have been this year.

Candy Cane Hunt

After a day packed with festivities and quality time spent with family, a fun activity like a treasure hunt is a great way to keep the younger family members and the adults occupied and delighted. 


Everyone who participates in the hunt will have a good time and be in a festive mood on that particular day, regardless of whether or not the hunt takes place before or after lunch. 


This activity is similar to a search for Easter eggs; only it’s done with wrapped candy canes. Hide the candy canes across the room, then set the kids wild in the house.

Tic-Tac-Toe Cookies

Who said you couldn’t have fun with your food? Before consuming this giant cookie and the ten little bite-sized game pieces, play a few games of tic-tac-toe.


Using a basic sugar cookie recipe, you can make this delightful Christmas game with the adorable H and O pieces.

Reindeer Games

The term “reindeer games” is a slang term often used to refer to the bullying activities carried out by a clique or the celebrations that occur around Christmas.

The giant Christmas game board may be crafted out of foam and scrapbook paper; the directions for each “reindeer game” are located on the back of the board.

Pin the Nose

As a substitute for the classic Christmas activity of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” consider teaching your children how to play this fun game instead. Play this game alternatively using Rudolph, the reindeer, as the target! 

It’s a challenging game that puts kids’ spatial abilities to the test, and kids may play it alone or with a large group of friends. During the Christmas season, gather your loved ones and friends to compete in a game of “Pin the Nose on Rudolph.”

The traditional game played at birthday parties is given a festive twist by switching out the donkey for Santa’s helper, Rudolph.


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