27 Interactive Dog Toys

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Have you considered utilising a boredom-busting game or toy to hold your dog’s attention if they quickly get bored or have a limitless amount of calories to extricate? 


Whether their unlimited energy affects their conduct or you want them entertained while you’re out shopping, every puppy has a perfect toy to keep them distracted and entertained regardless of size or ability.


Here are several toys and activities to remember, ranging from simple games to snuffle mats and treat chews. Are you looking for some ideas? Let’s dive straight in. 

1. Classic Chew Dog Toy Red 

The Classic standard dog toy has become a mainstay for dogs worldwide. Its distinctive natural red rubber compound and unpredictable bounce are great for dogs that prefer to chew while satisfying their playing urge, providing stimulation by helping satisfy dogs’ innate requirements. 


Moreover, it can be stuffed with tasty kibble chunks and tempted with a dab of butter. You’ll be required to sprinkle the toy with Treat and KONG Snacks. A toy that stimulates the mind while also satisfying dogs’ instinctive needs.

2. Busy Buddy Twist & Treat Dog Toy

Busy Toy is a great pet entertainer that requires you to fill it with hard, soft, and smearable snacks. It has two adjustable sections incorporating treats and kibble to keep your dog busy. Twist the halves apart for a speedy treat or closer for a lengthy task. 


Similarly, it comes with an innovative Treat Meter that dispenses rewards randomly; you’ll only need to cut the prongs to ensure dry treats flow out faster.

3. Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Puzzle 

The Raccoon dog puzzle is a simple way to keep your furry pals entertained for hours. Pack the tree stump with six stuffed squeaking squirrels, throw it, and let your dog’s inherent hunting instincts take over.


The Raccoon toy ensures your dog is engaged and, at the same time, entertained by exploring its hunting skills. Pack the tree stump with six stuffed squeaking squirrels, toss it, and let your dog’s natural hunting instincts take control. Keep your curious canine mind active and boredom away by feeding their natural hunting impulses with plush noisy squirrels they won’t be capable of resisting.

4. Interactive IQ Dog Morse Game

Morse is an interactive IQ game made of wood intended to engage dogs for hours. Morse has a four-paw difficulty rating. The centre part must be turned for cup coverings to be snuggled or pawed by section across to the centre dial, revealing yummy morsels.


This toy is designed to engage your dogs to find the rewards. Do not leave your dogs alone if they attempt this. This toy is created so you can collaborate to discover the rewards. Once all the sweets have been located, we recommend you dismantle the puzzle and store it for the second day of fun.

5. Maze-Slider Game

You may utilise a maze-shaped centre part to slow your dog’s nibbling at meal times. Two sets of secret chambers are concealed behind sliding lids, making this the ideal fun feed product. It has an anti-slip foundation suitable for dry and wet dishwashers. 

6. Dog Snuffle Mat 

Snuffle mats are similar to dog meal puzzle feeders because they stimulate your dog’s foraging instincts instead of problem-solving abilities. There are other snuffle mats just on the market. However, the Paw5 Wooly Snuffle Mat is among the finest.


The Snuffle Carpet is a washable mat designed in Thailand and Ghana by ecologically concerned makers that employ repurposed materials. To utilise the mat, scatter some kibble or treats among the fibres and let your dog sniff them out. This mat is accessible in one size and colour, but it should fit most dogs and go with most house decor.

7. Wobble Bowl Interactive Feeding Game

Wobble is a rewarding puzzle that helps slow your dog’s feeding speed and trains its thought process. The Wobble has a capacity of 1 cup, which means you’ll need to fill the Bowl with the hound’s favourite treats by removing the bottom lid plug and putting the food in. Similarly, you’ll have to replace the lid’s plug.


This puzzle assists in redirecting unwanted behaviours by providing a positive channel for your dog’s instinctive gnawing, digging, and hunting impulses. Treat puzzles give your dog a delightful physical and mental challenge.


This puzzle is ideal for dogs of any age, size, or breed that need to moderate their feeding speed or have an outlet for excess energy. Its translucent cover allows dogs to see their treats and inspires them to work for their reward.

8. Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Tornado

The engaging level 2 Tornado puzzle will help your dog’s thinking capabilities. Besides entertainment,  the dog treat dispenser offers both a physical and cerebral challenge. To find the concealed reward, your dog must learn how to combine many actions.


However,  you may alter the level of difficulty of this exciting dog puzzle with 12 secret rooms and three dog bone coverings to keep your furry buddy delighted. Hand washing the Dog Tornado toy with warm water and soap is simple. Before utilising, ensure that all compartments are completely dry.

9. Babble Ball 

Besides sticks discovered in the garden, balls are the most traditional dog toys. The Babble Ball, on the other hand, pulls an animatronic robot into the twenty-first century by introducing flashing lights and music to the enjoyment!


The Babble Ball is excellent for delivering additional mental activity to your dog. It is simple to use and appealing to dogs. It’s a standard ball with inside electrical components that generate the toy’s lights and noises.


You don’t have to educate your dog to use it; switch it on and let your pet go to town. The toy makes a total of 18 distinct noises, keeping many dogs entertained for a long time.

10. Petcube Bites 2

The Petcube is an engaging dog camera that lets you connect with and treat your dog while monitoring them via the Petcube companion smartphone app. You can use the Petcube webcam to broadcast your dog’s feed to friends and relatives.


It comes with smart notifications, bark alarms, and moment capture are all possible. With a Petcube Care membership, the camera can alert you when your dog barks, identify intruders and can be set to film your dog’s best moments automatically.

13. Hound Games Hide N’ Treat

The Hound toy is a one-of-a-kind complement toy unlike any other. This gadget allows you to conceal a valuable reward in what looks like a ball-and-socket joint. To get to that delectable reward, your dog must tug the rounded ball part out of the connection hole. 


It’s a fantastic toy for those apprehensive about their dog’s weight growth. Unlike most food-based puzzle toys, the Hide N’ Treat works fine with just one treatment, as long as it’s motivating and desired enough for your dog to strive for it. 


You may increase the difficulty after your dog has mastered pulling the toy components apart. Each toy area has a difficulty level ranging from 1 to 5. You may also advance your dog to level two, three, and so forth once he has mastered level one.

14. Ricochet Dog Toy

The Ricochet Toy is an electrical interactive dog toy that keeps your pet moving and playing without intervention. The balls, made of hard plastic, are recharged and then synchronised through Bluetooth.


When your dog starts rolling about one ball, the second ball starts squeaking to grab your dog’s attention. As your dog’s attention is drawn to the squeaky ball and he begins to push it, the opposing ball will go off. The two balls will continue to attract your dog back and forth, maintaining your dog’s attention and promoting exercise. 

15. Starkmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

The Starkmark is an interactive ball toy that also functions as a slow-feeder and retrieves toy. It not only stores foodstuff that your dog must work for, but it also spins and bounces like a conventional ball. It even glides, making it ideal for pool or beach use.


The Starkmark Ball is created from a nearly unbreakable substance that does not include latex, vinyl, or phthalates. Starkmark suggests the toy, particularly for hard chewers. It’s also dishwasher safe, making it simple to clean the toy.


The ball has a centre chamber that may be used to store your favourite treats or kibble. Flexible plastic tabs keep food from sliding too quickly. Clip the tabs to make it simpler to get snacks. There are two sizes of the Starkmark Chew Ball: medium and enormous.

16. Bob-A-Lot

The Bob-A-Lot is a wicketkeeper toy that releases treats or kibble gradually while your dog plays with it. It’s large enough to contain a full meal’s supply of kibble and may be used as an engaging toy or slow feeder. Similarly, it comes in two sizes: medium and large.


The Bob-A-Lot is made of solid plastic and has a weighted, generally pro base that makes it bounce in ways most dogs enjoy. The goodies will fall through an adjustable port whenever your dog tosses or rocks the toy. 


If your dog is having trouble getting his reward, make the aperture wider; if it’s too easy, make it smaller. Just unscrew the top cover to access the inside compartment to replenish or empty the Bob-A-Lot. The Bob-A-Lot is available in two sizes: large and small.


CleverPet is an artificial dog toy that resembles the old Simons Says game console that a youngster may have used. CleverPet is a game that challenges your dog to touch lighted buttons to get a reward while you are gone. In addition, CleverPet is a console with a plastic shield that you’ll position wherever your dog can readily get it. Fill it with up to 2.5 cups of smaller kibble, and plug it in to use it. 


The pre-loaded software is designed, to begin with, with straightforward routines to assist your dog in learning how the system works. The games will become more varied and challenging over time. CleverPet can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone, allowing you to limit your pet’s access to food if necessary.

18.  Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

The Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball is a clear plastic ball designed to gently release yummy morsels when your dog rolls it around in particular directions. You may fill it with little treats to use as a brain toy, or you can pack it with kibble to use as a slow feeder.


It’s a dog toy that lets you change the difficulty level by rotating an internal adjustment ring. After your dog has figured out the fundamental strategy for acquiring the rewards, this will help to keep him engaged.


The Pet Ball is a simple two-piece toy to fill and clean – pull the two sections apart, clean both pieces with detergent and hot water, and then dry thoroughly. It’s available in two sizes: a 3-inch model for dogs and a 4-inch variant for larger dogs.

19. SwiftPaws Lure Course 

SwiftPaws is a novel toy that stimulates your dog’s primordial hunt instinct. Through a long line and a motorised, wireless router pulley mechanism, this remotely controlled dog chase toy enables the dog to chase delicious bait along your chosen path.


To effectively use the SwiftPaws unit, establish the course in your backyard, then connect the flag lures to utilise the SwiftPaws Lure Course. The accompanying remote control enables you to regulate the pace and direction of the lures.


The SwiftPaws includes several components, the most important of which are a considerable queue, three pulley packs, a motorised unit, plus lure flags. You may buy extra or replacement parts, such as pulley packs and flags with charming animal images. The machine can draw the lure up to 30 miles per hour and has a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

20.  Outward Hound Hide and Seek Toy

The Outward Hound Toy is an inter kit that tests your dog’s ability to remove small toys which fit inside a more extensive hiding area. During play, you put the little toys within the hiding location and then offer them to the dog, who can attempt to get them out via the holes placed into the hiding site.


Outward Hound’s toy is described as an action puzzle. In the case of the hedgehog variant, the toy consists of a soft fabric tree trunk and two included Hedgiez. The tree trunk has two tiny openings and a connecting top flap that allows access to the toys.


If hedgehogs aren’t your dog’s thing, there are four more variants of the toy-themed on rainbows, squirrels, bees, or doves. They all function in the same way, with minor differences. The bee version, for example, comes with a honeycomb rather than a tree trunk.

21. PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

The PetSafe Ball Launcher toy is a comprehensive ball launcher that works with standard tennis balls, although you can use more petite balls if you own a smaller dog. Compared to other ball launchers on the marketplace, the PetSafe Ball Launcher has more configurable options and a handy safety sensor that keeps you or your puppy from being poked at close range.


It has a hopper-style loading mechanism to make it easier for your dog to use. He drops the ball into the top loading mechanism and waits for it to fire a ball. The launcher may accept up to 3 balls at the moment, which could be beneficial for retrieving dogs. An audible tone is heard just before the ball is released. You may set this ball launcher to any of nine various distance settings and alter the angle at which it launches the ball.


It has a motion-sensing device that prohibits it from throwing the ball when the dog (or anybody) is inside 7 feet of its front, as well as an automated 15-minute rest break after every 15 minutes of uninterrupted play to keep fetch-obsessed dogs from overworking themselves.


The Launcher is waterproof and may be used both indoors and outdoors. You may use the provided power cable or six “D” cell batteries when you don’t have an outlet nearby.

22. Kong Wobbler

The Kong Wobbler is a brutal, shaped bacterium dog toy with a hollow inside and access holes at both ends. To use the toy, fill it with treats, kibble, or a puppy spread and let the dog figure out how to retrieve the tasty prize.


The Kong Wobbler is intended to be both entertaining and safe. It’s composed of a food-grade, elevated polymer that’s dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze. It’s also created in the United States, giving most pet owners peace of mind.


Loading the Wobbler is also simple since the top just screws off to reveal the contents. The bottom part of the toy is heavily skewed, which makes it more enjoyable for your puppy to interact with and keeps it from falling backward, as other comparable toys do.


The Wobbler comes in two sizes: large and small. The tiny version holds 12 cups of foodstuff, whereas the giant version holds one cup. This implies you might be able to utilise the Wobbler as both a slow feeder and an interactive toy. 

23. PetSafe Chilly Penguin

The PetSafe is a plastic mould that holds a dog-appropriate frozen drink or filling for your dog to lick. After filling the penguin, place it in the freezer and give it to the dog when it is solidly frozen. Your dog may then enjoy the delectable and refreshing gift — but he’ll have to wait a bit because the plastic flaps partially block the frozen meals.


The Chilly Penguin is made of robust, vanilla-scented rubber and is intended to operate with various substances. Owners have used butter, dog-safe soup and caloric beverages, yogurt, and conventional pet spread to entertain their dogs. If you like, you may even fill this with kibble or goodies.


Despite its spherical base, the Chilly Penguin is stacking, making it simple to keep a whole regiment of frozen delights on hand. Once your dog is eating the cold and tasty treat, place the mould on the middle shelf of your dishwashers to clean.

24. PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug

The Tug-A-Jug is a one-of-a-kind interactive toy that needs your dog to tug, twist and pulls on a rope to get the treats. This complicated device is best suited for intelligent breeds and super-smart mutts.


It’s a three-part toy. It has a transparent plastic bottle, a strong rope that goes through the mouth of the bottle, and a rough rubber wrap to chew. To utilise the toy, fill it with tasty goodies and offer it to your dog.


The rope covers most of the bottle’s mouth, but goodies can slip through and fall out when your dog squirms and correctly works the rope. The Tug-A-Jug comes in three sizes to fit your dog: Medium and Large.

25. Hyper Pet IQ Licking Mat

The Hyper Licking Mat is an engaging toy with a mat packed with treats for your pup to lick. You might use it not just to keep an unattended pet engaged but also as a diversion during nail trims or as a calming gadget to make nervous canines feel better while storms or fireworks are blaring.


It’s available in three distinct styles, although they’re all the same: Flat rubber mats with ridged or patterned surfaces are used. Put something tasty and dog-safe on top and place it in front of your puppy. The nonslip base will hold it in place as your dog licks and laps up the stuck-on delicious delight.

26. West Paw Qwizl Treat-Dispensing Puzzle Toy

The Qwizl Toy is a chew toy/treat dispenser that keeps your dog entertained while making goodies last longer. This West Paw toy, like many others, is made to last and is guaranteed by the manufacturer’s 100% warranty against damage. 


The Qwizl is a knuckle chew toy with a hollow chamber that you may fill with goodies. Unlike other dog food puzzle toys, the Qwizl’s compartment can hold a variety of goodies, such as bully sticks and kibble-like bits.


The Qwizl Puzzle is manufactured in the United States using FDA-approved materials. It’s dishwasher safe, and because of West Paw’s recycling program, you can be sure it won’t wind up in a landfill whenever you’re ready for a new one. The Qwizl comes in two sizes: Large and Small. The first has a 34-inch aperture, and the latter has a 12-inch opening.

27. Nina Ottosson Outward Hound Treat Puzzle

The Ottosson is a flat treat-holding toy that challenges your dog to handle sliding and rotating covers to retrieve food hidden inside. It’s one of six interactive toy models in the series and is one of the midrange models, making it a decent starting place for most dogs.


Unlike other engaging toys, the Hide-N-Slide is well-made. It measures 14.5 inches,11.8 inches broad, and 2 inches solid. 


The Hide-N-Slide has seven treat-holding sections that may accommodate a variety of tiny treats or kibble. Each of the moving pieces stays attached to a toy ensuring safety, and the Hide-N-Slide can be cleaned with a little warm water and soap.


Choosing an interacting toy that complements your dog’s personality is critical. Otherwise, you risk having a marionette puppet on your hands. Even more annoying, your dog may not be interested in a new toy, no matter how much you’ve spent on it.


Begin by concentrating on the interaction toy category that is most appropriate for your pet. Retrievers often enjoy ball launchers, whereas bulldogs are likelier to enjoy tension toys. Your Bassett hound will most likely be drawn to a snuffle mat, whereas your terrier prefers chasing a bouncing toy.


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