33 Best Christmas Crafts for Kids

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For the younger generation, Christmas revolves around building great memories with loved ones, particularly when celebrating the holiday. Who among us does not have fond memories of ripping open Christmas presents on Christmas morning or making salt dough decorations with grandpa? 

Even while there are infinite methods to accomplish this goal — for example, making snow angels and going sledding – there are certain days when engaging in indoor activities is the superior choice. Spread your passion for Do-It-Yourself Christmas project ideas by creating a Christmas craft with the aid of the youngsters instead of plopping them down while watching a holiday movie.

The most exciting aspect of these projects is that they can be meaningfully personalised and displayed anywhere in the home during the holiday season. They are also excellent options for giving as presents. In addition, they will become enjoyable and enduring Christmas traditions if they are performed year after year. 

Mark this page with a bookmark if you want to add a few more homemade decorations to your Christmas tree this year. Are you looking for an adorable decoration that can hang from the ceiling or mount on a wall? These activities will keep you occupied while you prepare the holiday meal.

No matter the decision you and your young children make, the most vital point is that you will have a good time together, which everyone wishes for during the holiday season. 

Here are the best Christmas Crafts for kids that you can try out this festive season.

Snowflaked Stamped Bags

After finishing baking and decorating cookies, go to your crafting room, where you will create a set of snowflake-covered gift bags so that you may give your tasty sweets as presents.


Use snowflake rubber stamps with dark blue, light blue, and white ink to imprint snowflakes onto the front of brown paper bags. Create two holes at the top of the bag by punching them out using a circular hole punch that is not too large. A length of red and white baker’s twine has to be threaded through the holes and then tied off.


Orange Peel Garland

Lay down the orange skin after peeling and eating it, then cut out designs using cookie cutters with holiday designs. After that, weave some twine or string to create the garland. Are you aware that eating an apple on Christmas is a Chinese custom and oranges are appropriate fruit for a holiday?

Santa Advent Calendar

Children will delight in seeing Santa’s beard grow with soft cotton balls. To create texture, use a coloured pencil. Cut out the pink nose, eyes, and cheeks from construction paper, then stick them on the face. The hat should be made of red and white construction paper and adhered to the face. 


On the hat’s brim, glue a sizable cotton ball. You should cut a long beard out of white craft paper. You should write the months leading up to Christmas on the beard by placing the calendar, glue bottle, and bowl of cotton balls on the wall.

DIY Hot Cocoa Kit

When you enlist the children to assist in putting together these delightful DIY kits, we can almost promise that you’ll need to prepare them a cup of hot chocolate. But the sugar high will be worth it when you spend time with loved ones preparing presents.


Use acrylic paint on a 1-cup mason jar to draw a red circle (or a red sticker in the same shape). After it has dried, add some greenery and a hot cocoa label. The hot cocoa liquid, chocolate chips, and miniature marshmallows are in the jar. Insert a piece of seasonal fabric between the lid and screw band and fasten.

Pinecone Christmas Trees

Is there such a thing as an appealing and environmentally responsible Christmas project that children can make? Put us down for it! Have your children explore the backyard in search of pinecones. 


The pinecones should be secured to the corks using hot glue, serving as the stump. To finish, you should dip in the green paint. These may be the most extraordinary fake Christmas trees you can buy.


Jingle Bell Swag

Kids will have a blast pitching in to help you build this cheery Christmas-blaring siren. While tying the bow, let them weave the bells onto the ribbon. You may display it at the front entrance, over the fireplace mantel, or even at the foot of a bed.


Tie a single end of three pieces of ribbon before threading giant jingle bells around the ribbon. Wrap the untied end of the string around a miniature wreath form or a piece of wire bent into a circle, and then tie a knot. 


A tiny bunch of foliage should be wired together and then attached to the wreath or circular shape. Attach a large bow with super glue to the wire directly above the foliage, then knot the bow.

Christmas Character Candy Pots

Are you searching for a Christmas project that is both entertaining and easy to complete? These adorable tiny Christmas character pots aren’t challenging to create, and the finished product is just adorable. The youngsters won’t be able to get enough of it!


Besides looking so adorable as Christmas decorations, they are also made to be topped up with goodies to provide the best possible candy-eating experience over the Christmas season!

Oversized Pom Poms

When venturing outdoors for some time, your kids will adore presenting the giant pom poms they created to their friends.


Using an X-Acto knife, cut two cardboard circles measuring 6 inches in diameter with a hole of 2 inches. Stack your cardboard donuts and wrap the thick yarn over them to cover the cardboard.  


Repeat the wrapping process with the doughnuts so that the finished pom-pom has more loft. After you have finished winding, insert your scissors into the yarn so that they are between the doughnuts. Finally, insert yarn between the cardboard, wrap the pom-pom with a thin string, and tie it off.

Christmas Character Treat Bags

These adorable Christmas treat bags are the ideal option for a container for transporting sweets brought home from a Christmas party, whether your child’s school or you host that party. To add more and more fun to the experience, create a group of characters.


Paper Snowflakes

We would be irresponsible to ignore the paper snowflake since it is children’s most traditional Christmas handicraft. Unfolding the paper to reveal the beautiful designs that were made can never seem like a Christmas miracle, regardless of how easy this craft project is to do.

Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

Your child may construct a Christmas tree out of squares of green tissue paper cut into bits. After the squares have been cut, your child can crumple them up and glue them together like a tree. You could make it seem like snow by breaking up a white cotton pad and using it instead of what you were initially going to use. 


The holidays bring a personal touch to the festivities, and with these personalised Christmas stockings, you can continue that festive habit year after year. The holidays are all about giving a personal touch to the celebrations.

DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath

This wonderful Christmas wreath created from balloons is a terrific way to add a burst of colour and some odd fun to your holiday décor this year. Engage their help to produce a décor that might be shown in the kid’s bedrooms and is appropriate for use in such spaces.

Pinecone Tree Craft

You won’t even need to trip to the arts and crafts shop to buy the materials you need for this project since it’s so simple to create. Collect the necessary supplies for these pine cone crafts from your yard, decorate the cones green, and add colourful dots to decorate them as ornaments.

Sparkly Snowflake Ornament Craft

Creating snowflakes by poking holes in paper is perfectly OK, but we believe these are a bit more stylish. The decision-making process and bedazzling each speck will be fun for your youngsters.

Marshmallow Snowman

The snowman has always been regarded as an emblem of holiday cheer. Create an enjoyable craft out of Mason jars to commemorate this event. Let your kids pack miniature marshmallows into a Mason jar. Then adhere ribbon and buttons to the exterior.


Lollipop Photo Ornament Craft

Use your kid’s school photos to make customised ornaments for the holiday tree. They would look fabulous hung on the Christmas tree and make excellent presents for your grandfather and grandmother.


Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

You will quickly discover that paper plates may be used for almost every craft imaginable. Divide each one into thirds and stack them on top of the other. Employ ribbons and pom-poms to create the decorations and wreaths for a holiday.

Christmas Popsicle Stick Craft

Are you having trouble deciding what to do with your children? Begin by assembling the popsicle sticks. Look at this activity to see how simple they are to locate and how many different uses they have!

Handprint Santa and Reindeer Craft

With this activity, your children can do more handcraft than just snipping and pasting pieces of paper. Help them make Santa’s beard and Rudolph’s antlers by tracing their hands onto a piece of paper.

Christmas Tree Whirligig Craft

There is no such thing as having excessive Christmas trees in and around your home throughout the holiday season. Create an additional paper plate spiral by cutting a spiral form into a paper plate and adding it to the bunch. To complete your Christmas tree, use thread to fasten “ornaments” to each tree level, then place a star on the top.

Grinch Slime Craft

The adaptability of slime and its great deal of fun to play with have contributed to its widespread popularity. Because of this, your children will have a great time creating a batch of slime based on the Grinch.

Bead and Pipe Cleaner Ornament Crafts

Because they are so easy to assemble, these do-it-yourself decorations are one of our favourites, and it’s not hard to see why. Beads, pipe cleaners, and ribbons are the only things this project requires.

Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

Your kids will have a blast learning how to create a Christmas tree out of popsicle sticks. This is a fantastic idea for a festive activity that will appeal to youngsters of all ages, including toddlers and preschoolers. It’s simple to produce, and the finished product looks gorgeous when hung on an areal tree.


These Christmas tree decorations made from popsicle sticks are a lot of fun. It includes the process of ornamenting a tree, which is just what it entails. Popsicle sticks are used to create the shapes, after which you can customise them with your choice of decor.

No-Sew Sock Snowman

The no-sew sock snowman is a Christmas decor to attempt, whether you’re searching for a lovely present that you can make yourself or for a one-of-a-kind door stopper.


Because you now understand what you can accomplish with all of the mismatched socks, this DIY project is ideal for anyone who has struggled with the phenomenon of misplaced socks.


Put down the thread and needle; all you need are some buttons and socks to complete this project.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Make a charming ornament out of a plain roll of toilet paper by decorating it with fierce googly eyes and paper, then hanging it from a tree. Besides being easy to build, they also provide a unique character to whichever tree you choose to decorate.


Your children will have a great time adding their unique touches to these little snowmen made of toilet paper.

Sparkly Icicle Craft

Icicle crafts like this one, complete with glitter, make beautiful decorations for the Christmas tree. You could even employ them to construct a winter show that lasts throughout the season.


For this fun activity, you will need some glue, glitter, and aluminium foil.

Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments

DIY Christmas tree decorations made from scrap ribbon are incredibly fast and easy to create.


They save you money; you won’t have to travel to a hobby shop to get the supplies to make your handcrafted decorations.


You may use all of the leftover ribbons that you already have. If you do not own ribbons, any cloth will serve; you may even utilise a fabric.

Pasta Christmas Tree

Are you searching for a simple Christmas project that older children may participate in this year? They can create an entire forest of these cute tiny pasta trees to use as ornaments, provided you believe they can safely use a glue guy.


Pasta is an excellent idea for a Christmas activity that may keep the children engaged so that you can have a few gifts wrapped or take time to yourself to unwind.


Children of all ages will enjoy making and playing with this fun pasta-themed activity, which is ideal for toddlers to create. You may add sparkle to the Christmas Trees by using glitter, which you can also find at craft stores. This Christmas, your kid will have a blast decorating their tree for the family.

Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

Do you want to create snowmen out of tea lights as Christmas ornaments? That is one brilliant idea!


This project is not only entertaining and straightforward to do, but it is also quite affordable. These charming snowmen made from tea lights are indeed the ideal complement to your Christmas decorations and would be fun for children to construct and give as presents.


This is an activity that preteens and teenagers should be able to do on their own, while younger children will need some assistance. It implies that anyone can have a good time producing this entertaining activity jointly.

Santa Slime

When preparing Christmas supper, give your children tasks. In addition to being entertaining to play with right then, it’d also serve as a delightful gift during a Christmas party. You might even put some in your child’s stocking if you are bold.

Pom Poms and Pinecones Ornaments

Any kind of creation that makes use of pom poms is sure to win our approval.


If you are looking for a weekend project that requires a little more time and effort, you might try constructing a pinecone kissing ball or a garland that you can hang over the mantel or around the front door.


Whether you’re trying for a more detailed wintertime display or want to keep things quiet, adding a touch of modern-rustic appeal to any holiday project and décor with a pinecone or two is the simplest way to do it.


Also, you shouldn’t be concerned if the colours of pinecones don’t match the colour scheme that the rest of your house has. There is always the option of using bleach or white paint to make the dark colour seem lighter (or even more colourful).

Twig Reindeer Ornaments

The history of (craft) will record this reindeer ornament. Christmas nature crafts for the classroom or home should include twig reindeer ornaments. This decoration is easy to make, sweet, and entertaining for youngsters of any age.


A single component of this ornament is wholly independent and can be picked up off the ground, and it only needs a few other supplies. Due to its simplicity, ability to be completed by any child, and ability to develop fine motor skills, this craft would be ideal for a class of kids.

Paper Plate Ornament Craft

Are you looking for inspiration for paper plate Christmas crafts while feeling festive and preparing activities? Here we have a cheerful group.


You’ll find more Christmas crafts than you ever need, including ones involving Santa Claus and beautiful Christmas trees.


From elementary activities that toddlers can do to ones that concentrate on fine motor skills and are appropriate for preschoolers. And to pure Christmas paper plate art projects for kindergarteners and older children.


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