The Zimbler business has been in operation for 90 years. Interested to know what makes this business tick, Imogen Bailey spoke to Zimbler managing director Jonathan Zimbler to find out more.

Please detail a fond memory you have of running the Zimbler business.

Some of my greatest memories have been watching Joel and Samuel working during school holidays in the warehouse, both of them continuing on to university and Joel then deciding that working at Zimbler was something he was keen to do.

Trips to Nuremberg have been amazing and I have seen huge changes over 30+ years of making the trip.

Joel has joined me on this trip for the past 10 years and this has been a huge bonus to be able to work together in cementing relationships and finding new product.

What do you hope to see the Zimbler business achieve in 2020?

The recent move to put the office within the warehouse has been a dream for both Joel and myself for some years.

This move has reduced travel times and allows us to focus more on customer service and bringing new and amazing product to the retail market in toys and other categories.

What are some long-term goals you’d like to see Zimbler achieve in five years’ time?

This should really be answered by Joel as he is the future of the business!

However, I am sure the prime aim of any family business that has made it to 90 years is to look forward to another 90 years.

Succession from the third to fourth generation is always a challenge and with our ever-changing retail landscape it will be a very interesting ride for the generations to come.  

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