This is just a small snippet of what you can expect to see at the Modern Brands stand! 


During the global COVID-19 pandemic a whole new and enlarged demographic re-discovered the world of puzzles. As a consequence, Ravensburger has expanded its range and capacity to meet this demand. In 2021 we have hundreds of new adult, kids and 3D puzzles and more than ever games with Minecraft now bringing the board game experience to video game junkies.


The total Schleich range totals 500 animal figurines and playsets. In 2021 over 100 new figurines, accessories and beautiful new playsets are coming. Highlights for this year include new Horse Club horses, cheerful Farm World farm animals, Wild Life animals, dangerous Dinosaurs and magical elves and enchanted beings from bayala.

Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families continues to appeal to new and old collectors alike and 2021 will be no exception with the launch of the adorable Baby Amusement Park, Triplets Care Set, Bakery set plus more. New Families will include the Pookie Panda Family and Midnight Cat Family. After last year’s successful launch of the Camping Series, there will be an additional Family Picnic Van to add to the collection. 

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