From Arts and Craft to Interactive Dolls to Kids Role-Play and licensed product, you name it, we’re showcasing it at Hunter Products!

Come and check out Jewel Secrets and watch as the magic stones transform in to sparkling crystals, then, click the crystals into different accessories and wear!

This brand-new line for 2021 will make its debut at Melbourne’s virtual Toy Fair and has already been placed across Europe for 2021 with Giochi Preziosi. Don’t miss the magic!

Also tipped to be a top seller in 2021 is Hunter Products’ line of Blues Clues Arts and Craft items.

Hunter have combined a top selling license with proven items that simply just sell!

Lastly, you don’t want to miss Gymnast Georgia. This amazing 18” doll can perform an entire gymnastics routine completely on her own.

She kicks, she does handstands, she somersaults, and she kicks! Georgia has already been placed for 2021 with Character Options in the UK and in France and the US too! 

Highlight products/brands:

1: Jewel Secrets

2: Blues Clues Arts and Craft

3: Gymnast Georgia

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