We are new! We are different! We are ‘Made in Australia’!

The Animal Magic brand is fresh and different! We are your new home for traditional art, craft and educational gifts, highly valuing traditional family pastimes and learning through play!

We are a family business, designing with confidence, and manufacturing all our quality products in Sydney, with our Made in Australia licence number: 12303.

As our name implies, the ‘magic’ of our amazing Animal Kingdom inspires what we do, provides the foundations of our thoughts and designs, and allows us to honour the many ‘native’ animals of countries around the world! 

Our beautiful cluster puzzles and educational colouring books will delight any age audience!

We want children, parents and grandparents to reconnect by enjoying our puzzles, colouring books and cross stitch together!

We want to see families slow down and spend more quality time with each other, learning and playing together, and bringing the ‘magic’ of animals home!

Highlight products/brands:

  1.     Alphabet Puzzles

  2.     World Animal Puzzles

  3.     Colouring Books

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