• Questacon retail staff member, Brianna.
    Questacon retail staff member, Brianna.

Michelle Remmers, retail manager of Questacon at The National Science and Technology Centre, shares her list of the hottest toys for Christmas 2017.

  • Questacon Bouncing Putty: Presented in its own storage container, this colourful putty will provide you with hours of fun.
  • T-Rex Anatomy 4D Model: The 4D Vision T-Rex Anatomy Model allows you to explore a prehistoric creature from the inside out.
  • Bacon Smith - Bacon Making Kit: With the easy to follow instructions you can have your own bacon ready to eat in just seven days. In just four easy steps you can create up to 2kg of your own bacon at home, you provide the pork belly and the rest is in the kit.
  • Canopy Cubby Kit: Build and play the day away with the Canopy Cubby Kit! A kit that gives you everything you need to build the ultimate cubby hideout in your home.
  • Giant Microbes range: Giant Microbes are 120-250mm plush toys that look like bacteria, viruses, body cells, prion and mini-beasts. Each one comes with an image from under a microscope and information.
  • Nanoblocks range: Nanoblocks kits have amazingly tiny building bricks, with the smallest being just 4 x 4 x 3mm high. There is a wide range of replica models of animals, insects, buildings, vehicles and instruments for you to build and collect.
  • Mova Globes: The stunning MOVA globe turns gently using an invisible mechanism powered by light energy and the Earth’s magnetic field.
  • Metal Earth range: The Metal Earth series are 3D models you build from laser cut steel sheets. Incredibly detailed, these fascinating models are definitely a challenge to build.
  • Questacon Rainbow Spring: Classic and retro but has not lost any of its charm.
  • Teardrop Storm Glass: A sculptural twist on a historical device that allows you to forecast the weather by observing the appearance of crystals in the glass teardrop.
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