Lucas Hipkins, owner of Mind Games Hawthorn VIC, shares his list of the hottest toys this year.

  • Pandemic Legacy¬†Season 2 (Meeple Distribution): The eagerly awaited follow-up to what is largely regarded as the greatest board game of all time. Released on the 26th of October, this is sure to be a big seller at Christmas.
  • What Do You Meme (VR Distribution): Compete to create the funniest meme by pairing Caption Cards with the Photo Card in play. A rotating judge picks the best combination each round. This is the NEW Cards Against Humanity.
  • Jungle Speed (Meeple Distribution): A fantastic card game for the whole family. Unavailable for the last few years, this is a great game at a great price.
  • Smart Games (Leisure Learning): The Smart Games range of puzzles just keep growing. With a heap of new titles to choose from, these multi-level puzzles are fun for all ages.
  • Codenames Duet (Meeple Distribution): The 2-player variant of last year's Game of the Year.
  • Kingdomino (VR Distribution and Leisure Learning): The game of the year for 2017, a wonderful strategy game for the whole family.
  • Unlock Escape Rooms (Meeple Distribution): Unlock is a cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms that uses a simple system which allows you to search scenes, combine objects, and solve riddles.
  • Metal Earth (Divisible By Zero): Metal Earth are 3D models you build from laser cut steel sheets. Incredibly detailed, these fascinating models are definitely a challenge to build. Care and patience are required, but the results are well worth the effort.
  • Rick & Morty Card Game (Let's Play Games; Ikon Collectables): Rick & Morty is the HOT property this Christmas and there are many Rick & Morty games to choose from.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles (Ventura Games; Modern Brands; Jedko; Crown & Andrews-Goliath): Christmas is a time for family, and what better way to spend that time than doing a jigsaw. Put away the screens and put together a puzzle.
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