Deborah Latouf, director of Entropy in Townsville QLD, shares her list of the hottest toys set to sizzle under the tree.

  • Microscooters (Microscooter Australia): Here at Entropy, we are all about getting children active, either mentally, physically or both. Microscooters do a fantastic job getting children up off the couch and outside, embracing the sunshine. We love this range because there is something for the whole family.

  • Kinderboards (Artiwood Australia): Ever get those customers who claim their children have “everything”? Well, we can assure you that they don’t have a Kinderboard or anything like it! The unique design makes this toy suitable for not only children but adults. Plus, the curved shape of the board means that its play value is as big as one's imagination (… or Youtubing ability).
    Slackers (Modern Brands): Slackers products are designed to have children training like ninja warriors. As it turns out, many Australian children want to refine their ninja skills. Again this is another great range that encourages children to get outside and be active.

  • Doll Houses (Kaleidoscope; Educational Experience; Bright Baby Imports; Just Toys): Dollhouses are getting bigger, better and more diverse. Currently, we are crushing on the gender-neutral, sustainable living focused dollhouses that have entered the market of late. Also, those with an open panel design that allow for easier cooperative play are a huge hit with toy lovers young and old.

  • Balance Bikes ( Wishbone; Artiwood; Kaleidoscope): There is no easier way to find your feet than with a balance bike. Here at Entropy, we have a range of different bikes that are all different, yet equally as popular.

  • Marble Runs (Educational Experience; Bright Baby Imports; Merrigold): Marble Runs have been loved by children, teens, and even adults for generations, and it’s not hard to understand why. The satisfaction of rolling a marble down a track that has been built with your own hands is a fantastic feeling – no matter how many times you’ve done it before. Here at Entropy, we stock a few different ranges of marble runs for children of different ages, so there is something to suit everyone.

  • Magformers (Magformers Australia): If you’ve played with Magformers, you will know that the satisfying click of two magnetic blocks connecting is mega addictive. Magformers' high play value, attractive appearance and compatibility make them jump into customer shopping carts.

  • Djeco Craft Kits (Kaleidoscope): Djeco Craft Kits are our go-to gift for aunties, uncles and other close family members. The broad variety of creative kits means there is something for everyone. Coupled with the beautiful packaging and attractive price-point, this range ticks off all the requirements on most shoppers' lists.

  • Sylvanian Families (Modern Brands): Sylvanian Families are popular all year round, but at Christmas time they race out. The brand has been around for over three decades, the continual addition of new characters and accessories keeps it relevant and popular.

  • Schleich figurines (Modern Brands): Much like Sylvanian Families Schleich also goes nuts at Christmas. While there are other animal figurines on the market, the attention to detail that Schleich puts into every item makes them a big hit with adults and children.   

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