With only 55 days to Christmas, Toy & Hobby Retailer editor Fiona Cameron has done the hard work for parents, carers and anyone wanting to know which toys will be high on the wish list this holiday season. 

The toys that have madethe Editor's Top Toys for Christmas 2017 list, reflect the major trends in the industry.


This year the advance of electronic and interactive toys continues apace, as demand from parents and children spurs innovation and the entrance of new players in this dynamic sector.


The renewed popularity of Games and Puzzles is particularly notable, with consumers embracing the opportunity to spend quality time together that family board games present.


Kids themselves are fuelling Collectable toys' upward trajectory, making their own decisions about which playground phenomenon to spend their pocket money on.


And with a long hot summer beckoning, items for fun in the sun, mastering challenges and learning new skills, as well as unwinding creatively with craft will all be priority purchases in the months to come.


The Toy & Hobby Retailer team have taken these and other trends into account when compiling the Editor's Top Toys for Christmas 2017 list. 


Research beganin January this year, when the international toy fair season kicked off in Hong Kong and continued through the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany, the North American Toy Fair in New York city and finally, on home turf, at the Toy, Licensing and Hobby Fair held in Melbourne, in March.


The Editor's Top Toys for Christmas 2017 list was also informed by interviews with industry leaders and influencers throughout the year.


Toy & Hobby Retailer Editor's Top Toys for Christmas 2017 are:

Up and about – Toys to get kids moving:

  • Kinderboard (Artiwood Australia)

  • X-Shot Bubble Ball twin pack (Zuru)

  • Thunder Trampoline (Vuly Play)

  • Plum Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen (Plum Play Australia)

  • Play Connex (Britz Marketing Australiasia)

Crafty people – Toys that spur creativity

  • Oonies Starter Set (Moose)

  • Leolandia Bomber Airplane (Axis Toys)

  • Metal Earth (Divisible By Zero)

  • Djeco Dragons & Chimeras paper toys (Kaleidoscope)

  • The Ultimate Shrinkies collection (Tiger Tribe)

Got 'em all? – Quest for collectables

  • Fingerlings (Hunter Products)

  • Candylab modern vintage wooden cars (Keld Industries)

  • Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse (Modern Brands)

  • Feisty Pets (Crown & Andrews-Goliath)

  • LOL Surprise Tots (HeadStart International)

The future is now – Tech and toys that teach

  • Droid Inventor Kit (iWorld)

  • Lego Boost (Lego Australia)

  • Water Garden (Fluid Growers)

  • Mini Sphero (Rocket Communications)

  • Stik Bot Zanimation Studio (Zing Global)

We like to play together – Games & Puzzles

  • Woofy Whoops (Childsmart)

  • Slida (Slida Australia)

  • Harry Potter Hogwarts Astronomy Tower Wrebbit 3D Puzzle (Ventura Games)

  • Miniland Maze Balance Board (Axis Toys)

  • Monopoly Nintendo Gamer Edition (Hasbro)

Constructive past-times – Toys to build with

  • Flexo Beginners Pack (VR Distribution)

  • Mayka Toy Block Tape (Modern Brands)

  • Nanoblocks (Kawada Australia)

  • Arckit Cityscape (iWorld)

  • Playmobil Ghostbusters Firehouse Playset (Modern Brands)

  • Meccano MeccaSpider (Spin Master)



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