Britz Marketing Australasia is a family owned, home-grown company established in 1999 and based in Queensland. The company manufactures toys that promote fun, active and imaginative play.

The Britz team is excited to present its new Wahu Glo range of LED illuminated pool inflatables. Customers can light up the night by choosing one of three light-mode settings, and kick off the best pool party ever.

All products in the Glo range are lit by large, brightly glowing multi-coloured LED lights that are mounted inside the transparent inflatable, making them completely waterproof. Each item – except the 45cm Glo Beach Ball which is powered by an enclosed button battery that cannot be replaced – requires three AA batteries (not included).

The Glo range includes:

  • The Glo Lounge – 150cm in length
  • Glo Beach Ball – 45cm diametre
  • Glo Bubble Seat – 110cm inflatable bubble seat
  • Glo Pool Noodle – 170cm inflatable noodle
  • Glo Pool Raft – 170cm inflatable raft
  • Glo Pool Tube – 100cm inflatable tube

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