Outdoor Toys

Wahu Surfer Dudes Powered by Waves are the world’s first self-righting, self-surfing toy!

Colourful, safe and fun, it has to be the Foldee disc.

More than just a balance bike from Modern Brands.

Discover a wide range of outdoor toys, luggage and licenses at this year’s toy fair.

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CrocoRoo is an Australian brand, established in 2007, and until recently has only been available in Europe.

There’s no arguing. There’s no doubt. There’s one rule – if it sticks, you’re out!

Childsmart's array of licensed lifestyle items are sure to bring colour and fun to any home.

Rose & Lily owner Michele Blanshard says her business has gone from strength to strength since she became the exclusive distributor of Haba in Australia.

As part of our 75th birthday celebrations, Toy & Hobby Retailer invited Bill Thomas, editor of motoring bible, Wheels, to put the ride-on category under the microscope. He filed this amusing account.

Summer will soon be upon us when the urge to prise ourselves off the couch and escape the interior confines will strike. THR checks out the best stuff for fun in the sun.

Take the fort, clubhouse, hideaway or playhouse to a new level of beauty with the Haba Rose Fairy Play tent from Rose & Lily.

The outdoor product category was well represented at Toy Fair, with Haba showing how children, mud and water are an unbeatable outdoor combination for fun, mess and learning.

Mastery of World’s Apart Gogo Pogo from Childsmart might just be the new party trick of the season.

The Flip-Away Safety Basketball Hoop is sure to have fans of both basketball and trampolines bouncing into stores.