62 per cent of Australian parents are stressed or anxious about back to school shopping, new data from eBay and YouGov shows. 

In a survey of 1004 Australian parents with children aged five to 17 years old, the research found that 72 per cent of parents aged 34 and under are the most stressed during this shopping period. 

77 per cent of respondents indicated that they face challenges when it comes to back to school shopping with factors including frequent replacement of items, the need to purchase tech products and changing trends stressing parents out. 

eBay Australia’s Sophie Onikul said that matching up school requirements and hot trends adds to the pressure for parents.

"It seems back to school shopping is becoming more costly and increasingly complex with parents juggling meeting specifications from their child’s school with the latest trends.

"Once you factor in time and money pressures, you can see why some parents feel more anxious than their children about going back to school. 

"We understand kids going back to school can be a hectic and expensive time for parents, especially after the festive season.

"Last year, we saw school uniform sales rise by 239 per cent in January 2019 compared to December 2018 and the number of lunchboxes being snapped up increased by 59 per cent month-on-month," she said.

The research found that 41 per cent of parents feel pressure to purchase specific items so their child fits in. This doesn’t just apply to beginning of term purchases with two-thirds (65 per cent) of parents replacing their child’s school essentials every six months or less because of changing trends or fashion.

Meeting school requirements is also another stressor, with 40 per cent indicating that they struggle to meet school requests and guidelines with one in three (32 per cent) parents struggling to find items outlined by the school.

Meanwhile, hunting for items across multiple stores also contributes to the stress Aussie parents feel with 39 per cent of parents saying one of their biggest challenges is visiting numerous stores to purchase necessities. The survey found that one in five parents visit four or more stores to buy school supplies.

The growing influence of technology is also impacting parents with one third (33 per cent) saying they spend more on back to school than they can afford while nearly seven out of 10 (69 per cent) agree they’re spending an increasing amount on tech items each year. 38 per cent of parents list a laptop or tablet as a top three priority item for their child/ren.

Despite the stress, Aussie parents in Western Australia (18 per cent) and South Australia (18 per cent) are more likely than those living in Victoria (9 per cent), New South Wales (8 per cent), Queensland (5 per cent) and ACT/Tasmania/Northern Territory (5 per cent) to re-purchase the essentials for school every month.

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