• James Murphy, Vuly Play
    James Murphy, Vuly Play

Queensland-based outdoor play company, Vuly, is in the middle of a metamorphosis.

Having just relaunched its entire range of trampolines and totally rebranded its website and marketing material, Vuly has plans to shake-up the entire outdoor play and lifestyle sector.

As part of this internal restructuring, James Murphy has been promoted to the position of Divisional Manager. The evolution of Murphy's role reflects Vuly’s impressive pivot from a one-market, one-product company to something much more.

In this new role, Murphy will oversee sales, distribution and marketing of Vuly’s recreational product set – both nationally and internationally. He will also be leading the charge directly to international clients, and spearheading Vuly’s interaction with their international partner, Spin Master.

“Everyone’s role is changing here at Vuly; this isn’t the same company it was last year”, Murphy told Toy & Hobby Retailer. “We’re restructuring to really take full advantage of our expanding reach and scope”.

Vuly is also working on a greater array of products for the outdoor play and recreation category, operating a large research and development department in Brisbane.

Fantastic position available – Senior Account Manager

Murphy’s promotion leaves a great opportunity for someone to take up the mantle of Senior Account Manager – to work closely with retailers, develop the new Vuly brand and undertake strategic business planning.

A career at Vuly, especially in a role such as this is an opportunity for a key executive to flex their business engagement and operational muscles, while exposing them to an amazing range of possibilities for professional development and advancement that few other companies can match.

“It’s an exciting time to come into Vuly”, Murphy said. “We’re working with so many amazing clients here in Australia and Internationally – such as Toys R Us and Spin Master – and venturing into so many new areas, like trampoline parks. For the right, ambitious person, this is the perfect opportunity”.

The "exciting time" Murphy refers to, includes a number of secret projects and products in development, as well as the limitless potential to engage with top-tier accounts.

Click here to read more about Vuly, and here to apply for the Senior Account Manager role.

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