Toys R Us Australia has witnessed significant increases to visits to its website during the festive season shopping period. 

Over the past two months, organic shopper visitor numbers to the website have increased by 1000 per cent according to the business' data. 

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales extended the company's capabilities, with even Toys R Us Australia CEO Louis Mittoni mucking in to lend a hand in the warehouse. 

"I have pitched in to help along with our entire management team, as well our as sales and office management people working extremely hard to dispatch the huge volumes of Christmas orders for our fans," Mittoni said. 

"We began marketing to the Toys R Us fan base from September and the response since then has been nothing short of incredible.

"The Toys R Us brand is still much-loved in Australia and the response demonstrates the willingness of our customers to shop online and avoid the Christmas shopping crowds.

"We surpassed the goal of 10,000 products earlier than we expected, which has led to commensurately higher sales activity. The support has been immense and we would like to thank all our customers," Mittoni continued. 

"We are working hard to get all orders out as quickly as possible but there might be a slight delay in deliveries," he said. 

This year's festive shopping period is the first for the business since it was re-established in Australia in June. 

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