Kid-safe digital media company, TotallyAwesome has launched subsidised Public Service Announcement campaigns to teach kids about COVID-19 and how to stay safe.

The #KeepingKidsSafe campaign sees TotallyAwesome work with brands to deliver credible PSAs to kids. 

According to a TotallyAwesome study, kids' screen time has increased during social isolation by 46 per cent, increasing their risk of being exposed to fake news about COVID-19, such as holding your breath to keep the virus away. 

In order to combat these fake messages, TotallyAwesome has created the PSAs to help communicate credible information to kids. 

TotallyAwesome CEO Quan Nguyen said that the business wanted to ensure that children were being communicated to during the pandemic. 

"TotallyAwesome is concerned about the severe lack of pandemic communication aimed at kids.

"As children spend more time online, they need information that explains what’s happening and reassurance in these confusing times.

"TotallyAwesome and our brand partners are committed to helping children get through this tough time, while making sure they stay informed through proper channels.

"We hope families can take this time to bond with their children and spend more time online safely," he said. 

PSAs on the company’s platform include in-app games – where kids have to find soaps in a scenario within a set time ­– or filmstrip ads to educate kids on practices which can save lives. 

To increase the exposure of the messages, TotallyAwesome will match every ad dollar spent by brands with ad inventory of up to 50 per cent in value. 

The ad spend can be used on TotallyAwesome’s AwesomeAds Marketplace or Kidsafe Social Video Solution, which includes YouTube channels.

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