Tiger Tribe has announced a new partnership with the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW) to help safeguard Australian wilderness areas and wildlife for the future. 

Now, every Tiger Tribe product purchased helps to support the FNPW's conservation work across the country which includes supporting wildlife volunteers and Koala habitat restoration projects. 

Tiger Tribe co-founder Naomi Green said that it was important to demonstrate to children that the environment is worth protecting. 

"Our new partnership with FNPW is a very important step for us.

"As a family run Aussie business designing products for children, we engage and connect with kids, literally every day.

"So it’s crucial that we lead by example and demonstrate to our young fanbase that habitats and the animals and plants that live in them, are entitled to care and protection," she said. 

According to a 2011 study, The disappearing mammal fauna of northern Australia: Context, cause, and response, Australia leads the world in mammal extinctions. 

"This is not the future we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in," co-founder Anthony Green added. 

"Key to our partnership is funding for projects that protect and restore Australia’s natural landscape and safeguard vulnerable species.

"Together with the FNPW we can make a positive impact, and help create a better future for our kids," he said. 

FNPW CEO Ian Darbyshire said that without partner support, the organisation would not be able to carry out the important work it does. 

"It’s thanks to our generous partners that we can continue growing parks and saving species across Australia.

"Our country is home to some of the most important flora and fauna in the world and, together with our partners, we are working towards protecting Australia for generations to come," he said. 

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