Warehouse operations have significantly improved for Toll and its large toys and games client, after the business introduced a compact sorter to improve distribution efficiency. 

To do this, Toll partnered with a logisitcs automation specialist to improve the efficiency of the 36,000 square metre site.

The strategy involved moving to a wave picking technique – meaning warehouse operators collect products for a whole wave of orders together resulting in significantly less travel and picking time – and utilising an automation sortation system which can handle 20 orders at a time and 95 per cent of the product range. 

This solution enabled the business to provide higher distribution volumes of retail ready cartons, picked for stores in less time, with more efficiency and using less space.

Toll Group GM of business development Dean Boulter said that by moving to an automated system, there were significant improvements in productivity. 

"Since last year, we have been working for a leading global toy manufacturer, performing all their Australian warehousing and distribution based out of multi-customer site in Sydney.

"To achieve the efficiency and requirements of our major client, we looked to put sortation in place to better manage the picking process with speed and accuracy.

"As part of our design process we looked at the comparative manual operation and identified a 200 per cent productivity increase by moving to automation. 

"Our initial start-up has shown that the system is achieving even better productivity than anticipated. 

"Getting through the picking wave faster means we can start the afternoon shift later, giving customers a later cut off time for orders," he said. 

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