Toyworld NZ has introduced a click-and-collect service, allowing it to grow rapidly despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. 

The technology, which is likely to be rolled out to the Toyworld network in Australia later this year, sees Toyworld NZ now report that 40% of all transacted sales are click-and-collect orders. 

Toyworld NZ and Associated Retailers Limited CEO Franco Godinich said that the click-and-collect solution saw the business grow at a rapid rate. 

"We’ve actually done Christmas numbers through March, April, May. It’s absolutely nuts. 

"eCommerce has been growing faster than bricks and mortar but what COVID-19 has actually done is accelerate eCommerce to another level.

"And I’d say that a lot of people that weren’t comfortable or weren’t in the habit of buying online have been forced to.

"What COVID-19 has done is changed how people shop.

"From getting in your car and going somewhere, getting into malls, standing in crowds, I think it’s going to change behaviours.

"We’ve seen it through our sales - online numbers have gone through the roof," he said.

Reaching out to a technology partner to implement the platform, Toyworld was able to equip its 25 New Zealand stores with the click-and-collect capability within 10 days, despite not having centralised systems across the group. 

"We don’t have a centralised database system, a centralised POS system or ERP system across the group," Godinich said. 

"It's not like a corporate where everything is centralised, [and] managed in one place and you just plug it in and off you go.

"[But] what’s interesting, is that we turned it on at about 6 o’clock on the Friday night and by 8 o’clock we had click-and-collect orders.

"People are just expecting it. They go to the cart or the product page and see the click-and-collect delivery option and they just go, “click-and-collect? My local store has got it? Okay, done! 

Building on the success of click-and-collect, Toyworld has moved to a one-hour click-and-collect system. 

"I think we could almost go to 20 minutes," Godinich said.

"We could probably even go to 15 minutes if we really pushed ourselves." 

The rollout in New Zealand serves as trial period, with click-and-collect likely to be introduced to the Australian Toyworld's later in 2020. 

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