The Toy Association, the organisation which represents the American toy, game and youth entertainment industries, has firmed its anti-tariff stance, stating that the proposed 25 per cent tariffs on Chinese goods would harm American families, jobs and businesses.

The body has released an extensive statement detailing an array of negative impacts the tarrifs have on American businesses and consumers. Below is the list of reasons why the Toy Association is imploring the American government: #DontTaxToys!

  • Tariffs are taxes that are paid for by American families, businesses, workers, and communities, NOT by other countries. They are paid here, at home.
  • Tariffs that have been imposed so far have caused US businesses to lay off workers, raised prices for consumers, hurt American farm exports, and threatened an otherwise productive economy.
  • Tariffs on toys would reach directly into the pockets of American families in the form of higher prices and reduced choice and availability.
  • We understand the administration’s desire hold other countries accountable, but this all-out trade war is the wrong approach.

President and CEO of The Toy Association, Steve Pasierb, likened tariffs to a dark, threatening cloud.

"The return of a dark tariff cloud threatening the toy and retail communities would sharply increase the cost of toys and cause irreparable harm to companies of all sizes – particularly American small businesses.

"We have not relented in our fight against the threat of tariffs and will continue to push back aggressively on these damaging tactics that amount to nothing more than a tax on American families and their children and will lead to projected losses of tens of thousands of US jobs.

"We support fair and free trade that protects American intellectual property, our workers, and businesses.

"To be clear, any claims that tariffs are or will be paid for by China is a lie. China is not paying these tariffs; rather, American families and US companies are, through higher consumer prices and decreased profits.

"A fourth round on a range of everyday products will directly tax families even more," he said.

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