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Wahu Surfer Dudes Powered by Waves are the world’s first self-righting, self-surfing toy! Simply throw your Dude into the surf and they’ll catch’n shred the waves and throw down radical tricks as they surf right back to shore.

“There is actually quite a bit of technology behind the design of the Wahu Surfer Dudes,” Tim Britz, managing director of Britz Marketing, which owns the Wahu brand says. “From the unsinkable foam boards to the patented Dual Chrome-Tech Internal Ballast System, the Self-Righting Hydrodynamic Manta Wing and the precise angles and balance of each component to ensure each Dude really does surf!

“For an outdoor toy the Wahu Surfer Dudes tick all the boxes. They’re colourful, collectable and at a great price point but ultimately I think it’s the simplicity of their function as well as being a lot of fun that resonates with kids,” Britz says.

There are six different Dudes and Dudettes to collect, from Margaret River Max to Bondi Bec, all with individual gnarly board graphics. And the best thing – they’re powered by waves, no batteries required!

Britz Marketing Australasia is an industry leader in the design, manufacture, importation, distribution, sales and marketing of toys, sporting goods and associated recreational merchandise.

This highly respected Australian business has a market share that continues to grow each year which when coupled to its unique combination of commitment, experience and resources has secured it an enviable position in the toy, water sports and pool toy industries.

These same factors also ensure a bright future in supplying both retailers and their customers a complete range of quality products to suit their needs and budgets.

The Britz‘n Pieces brand specialises in outdoor recreational products with a focus on those that provide fun for children of all ages and build improved hand-eye coordination in the process.

The Wahu brand name has an unrivalled position in the Australian marketplace. It is synonymous with water, the beach, surf, pool and embodies the outdoor lifestyle Australians are famous for around the world.

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