"Many of these products you can’t purchase anywhere else in Australia."

"It has been a long held ambition for us to have a store here."

The trends will be revealed in mid-October.

"The best present retailers could have asked for."

The store will open later this year.

Here's what we learnt at the show.

"If a business tries to be more environmentally friendly, it will benefit financially."

"Spark is the perfect partner to for us hit the ground running."

The retailer will open in Toowoomba in August.

The brand has partnered with social platform Snapchat.

"We had been looking and waiting for the right site to become available."

Here is a small selection of faces we managed to snap at the fair.

"Once again people [will] come together from all over the world to share their love of speed cubing."

This initiative has been launched after two years of consultation.

In new research, Australian and New Zealand consumers were found to be the most demanding of retailers.