The Lego Foundation extended its generosity to the Sesame Workshop in December, giving it a $100 million grant.

The money will go towards helping children affected by the Rohingya and Syrian refugee crises.

Director of Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia Sesame Workshop, Will DePippo, said that the trust the Lego Foundation placed in Sesame Workshop would help them to support children displaced now and in the future.

“We are humbled by the trust and confidence the Lego Foundation has placed in us.

“Together we can forge a legacy for children worldwide affected by displacement, today and for generations to come.

“Just as the Lego Foundation’s grant makes this vital work possible, we could not continue to help children around the world without your support. For your ongoing generosity and partnership, our sincere thanks,” he said.

With the funding from the Lego Foundation and in partnership with media businesses in Bangladesh and Syria, Sesame Workshop will use Sesame Street content and the famous Sesame Street Muppets to educate children through play, providing them with the skills and care they need to overcome adversity and difficult situations.

Sesame Workshop will also develop and test a 'Learning through Play' model which will be designed to transform early childhood education in the humanitarian sector.

In 2018, Sesame Workshop was granted $100 million from the MacArthur Foundation, which enables it to reach children in the Middle East.

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