• Source: Sesame Workshop.
    Source: Sesame Workshop.
  • Sesame Street season one cast. Source: Sesame Workshop.
    Sesame Street season one cast. Source: Sesame Workshop.

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organisation behind Sesame Street, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, with a year's worth of events and celebrations.


Among civil rights movements and poverty concerns, 1969 saw Sesame Street begin, stemming from the question: could television be used to level the playing field and help prepare less advantaged children for school?


Since its inception, Sesame Street has gone on to become the longest-running kid's show in American television history. Throughout its 50 years Sesame Street has educated and entertained kids in over 70 languages in 150 countries.


Today, Sesame Workshop also continues this initiative in unstable countries, to help children learn the skills required to overcome adversity.


Sesame Workshop’s CEO, Jeffrey Dunn, said that the 50th anniversary is an incredible milestone.


“This is a remarkable milestone for kids, for education and for television. Sesame Street has now brought the life-changing benefits of early learning to children around the globe for 50 years.


“Our mission to help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder knows no geographic boundaries.


“We’re everywhere families are and we never stop innovating and growing. That’s what keeps us timeless.”

The anniversary will see social impact initiatives, digital campaigns and community events held that reflect Sesame Street's messages and mission.


Included in the celebrations is:


  • A 50th television season which focuses on the power of possibilities, empowering kids to take safe risks and learn from their mistakes.

  • An expansion of the growing Sesame Street in Communities initiative, addressing issues including substance abuse and foster care to better support vulnerable children and families.

  • The launch of a new local version of Sesame Street created for displaced Syrian families and their new neighbours in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, as part of a large-scale early childhood intervention in the region.

  • A signature research report that will explore an important issue facing kids and families today.

  • Celebrity and fan-fuelled social media campaigns including #ThisIsMyStreet, showcasing favourite Sesame Street memories.

  • New collaborations across fashion, lifestyle, and themed entertainment for Sesame Street fans of all ages.

Sesame Street season one cast - Sesame Workshop.

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