• Source: Giovanni Contardi Instagram: @jvenb
    Source: Giovanni Contardi Instagram: @jvenb

Iconic puzzle brand Rubik's is gearing up for a big month in July as it is sponsoring the Speedcubing World Championship, which is taking place in Australia for the first time in Melbourne. 

18 titles will be in hot contention by speedcubers in the varying World Cubing Association (WCA) disciplines, with the competition taking place from 11-14 July at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

In celebration of the competition, internationally acclaimed artist Giovanni Contardi has erected several art installations around Melbourne. Contardi not only holds the world record for solving the Rubik's cube one-handed in 9.43 seconds, but also created artworks by manipulating the puzzles to create realistic celebrity portraits. 

Source: Giovanni Contardi Instagram: @jvenb

In a statement, Rubik's said that the brand is thrilled to bring the competition to Australia. 

"Rubik’s are thrilled to be a major sponsors of this year’s Rubik’s presents WCA World Speedcubing Championships 2019 in Melbourne.

"Once again people [will] come together from all over the world to share their love of speed cubing.

"The competition will be held at the MCEC from the 11th to the 14th July, with 13th July marking the 75th birthday of the Rubik’s Cube creator, Erno Rubik.

"As the passion for the Rubik’s Cube continues to grow in Australia, Rubik’s are proud to bring this iconic puzzle to Australians today, and for generations to come." 

The Rubik's Cube is distributed in Australia by Crown & Andrews | Goliath. 

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