Retail expert and founder of warehouse sales businesses Raglan Warehouse Sales and Melbourne Secret Sales, Angela Skrinos is urging Australian shoppers to buy from bricks-and-mortar retailers to improve the state of Australian retail.

In the wake of multiple Australian retailers including Australian Geographic, EB Games, Bardot and Jeanswest shuttering stores, Skrinos' Roam into a Retailer campaign encourages consumers to put their phones down and buy from an Australian retailer.

"We are facing a perfect storm of devastation for Australian based retailers and Australian jobs," she said.

"I am calling on all Australians to please support retailers in Australia.

"I know the internet has made it incredibly easy to source items from overseas and at cheaper prices, but these companies don't pay tax in Australia and don't support Australian jobs.

"The Australian based retail sector is the country's second largest industry and employs over 1.2 million people – full time and part time. Kids rely on casual jobs going through school and uni, others rely on jobs in the sector to put food on the table.

"We can't have our cake and eat it too. We urgently need to pull together and support our local retail sector.

"Please buy here. Please put down your phones and get into your local store or shopping centre and support Australian retail.

"January is always a hard time for retail because many people don't have as much money after Christmas. This on top of already difficult conditions – with the devastating bushfires – means many retailers are really struggling.

"I'd like to encourage everyone to Roam into a Retailer in January.

"Support them, ideally buy from them, and be nice to staff. Everyone in the industry is feeling nervous.

"The continual closure of stores including big brands is causing alarm and concern across the industry. People are worried about their jobs.

"Let's support Australian retail. Things will pass and things will get better – but we need to remind everyone that there are things we can do to help – and shopping locally is a good place to start," she said.

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