We Will Vouch For You is helping regional retailers through one of the toughest periods of trade.

The not-for-profit initiative was set up by a group of Sydney fashion agents including FM Fashion Marketing, MBA Fashion Marketing and Jennifer Clavin Agencies.

The trio established the venture in the wake of the devasting bushfires and prolonged drought across the country.

With extended challenges posed by COVID-19 and the restrictions on interstate and local travel, the impact on regional retailers has amplified.

Speaking to Toy & Hobby Retailer about the initiative, FM Fashion Marketing owner and director Margie Reynolds said now is the time for retailers to band together.

"We are broken-hearted for our fashion boutiques who are suffering through these extraordinary times.

"Crippling drought, horrendous fire [and now COVID-19] are forcing them out of business.

"With no tourist trade, these beautiful retailers are bleeding," she said.

Over 200 boutiques across Australia are listed on the site, with customers able to purchase a voucher directly from the retailer.

While currently made up of mostly fashion retailers, Reynolds told Toy & Hobby Retailer that the initiative can expand to include other categories, including toys. 

"With everything that is happening out there it would be great to open it up to all retailers," Reynolds said.

"We are asking customers to buy vouchers from our retailers," she continued.  

"The vouchers can be redeemed online, by phone or via socials.

"Customers can opt to redeem the vouchers themselves or ask the boutique to gift it to a fire or drought affected local.

"A win for business and a win for the community," she said.

Reynolds adds that the road to recovery is a long one and with the current pandemic throwing a spanner in the works, the initiative will continue to operate until regional retailers are back on their feet.

"The road to recovery will be long for fire and drought affected retailers.

"When the dust settles we hope to rev up the publicity and really push this initiative forward," she said.

Visit the We Will Vouch For You website here.

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