Kaleidoscope is thrilled to announce the Bonikka range of cloth dolls.

Beautifully crafted from soft fabrics and featuring the classic, hand-stitched look of ragdolls of yesteryear, this gorgeous range is designed to stand the test of time.

The Flower Kids are traditional Ragdolls that are suitable for all ages and come dressed in beautiful floral dresses.

They feature ribbons and floral decorations in their hair, which is made from strips of cloth.

The gorgeous, soft Lockettes are ideal companions for roleplay. These dolls feature realistic hair and are sold with their own hairbrush and a selection of scrunchies.

Jointed Knit Bear and Bunny are adorable, ragdoll-inspired animal companions whose limbs are held in place by buttons. Their ears and pads are sewn with patterned cloth which gives them a classic, timeless appeal.

Available now, these Bonikka dolls make for cherished keepsakes and wonderful playmates.

T: 07 3375 6446

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