The Thames and Kosmos Ooze Labs Magnetic Slime has been recalled due to the presence of a small magnet inside a bird-shaped, plastic mould included in the kit.


Read the recall notice here.


Globally, there has been a lot of attention on slime safety lately, relating not to magnets, but rather the chemicals present within slime.

The attention on the issue was spurred on by vendors on Amazon selling unsafe slime on the website.

The slime that was being sold by the vendors exceeded the safe Boron level permitted by the European safety standards, therefore posing a hazard to children.

Australian legislation doesn't include safety standards for Boron specifically, rather the regulations come from more general chemical laws.

A concentration of Boric Acid that exceeds 0.3 per cent would classify the material as hazardous and the supplier would have to hold a an Australian safety data sheet. A Boric Acid level that exceeds 1 per cent is classified as a scheduled poison and would require 'keep out of reach of children' labelling as well as restrictions on what container it can be sold in. 

For more information on toy safety, contact the ATA

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