Outdoor play business, Plum Play, has expanded its Gift Box display and shopping initiative for its large outdoor products.

Launching the solution at the Australian Toy, Hobby and Licensing Fair in 2018, the business has since been working with Australian independent retailers on implementing it, and has now introduced it to John Lewis & Partners stores across the UK.

The Plum Gift Box solution is an innovative way of bringing large outdoor items in-store, where there may not be adequate space for assembled displays.

Speaking to the head of sales at Plum, Ben Randall, Toy & Hobby Retailer, gained further insight into the Plum Gift Box initiative.

Describe how this shopping initiative works.

This adaptable in-store solution can be tailored for the retailers needs; including product collection, season, promotional requirements and display size. The gift boxes can be displayed on the branded free standing display unit (FSDU) or individual boxes can sit directly on store shelving.

A call to action is on both the FSDU and gift boxes; it explains the process to the consumer. Plum realises the need that items need a level of self-sell. Some retailers have adapted this instore solution under the Plum Dropship program. In this example, the box is taken to the cash register, item (and freight) are paid for, order is sent to Plum, and Plum dispatch directly to consumers home address.

Plum are also giving retailers to option to offer instant home delivery on gift boxes in store, cutting out the need for drop shipping to the consumers place of residence. In this example, the store carries the stock and the consumer takes the item home with them.

The gift box lists the product details including size, materials and features, essentially selling the item at point of sale. Inside customers are presented with a flying disk to play with while they wait for their product and a Plum consumer catalogue detailing the benefits of active play and what else is on offer from the brand.

What were the driving factors in introducing this shopping solution? 

We understand that there are still a lot of traditional bricks and mortar retailers, [while there are also] retailers that are both bricks and clicks.

Bricks and mortar retailers don’t have rubber walls, thus this playful gift box solution allows retailers to display a breadth of range for large outdoor products in a small store environment. For bricks and clicks retailers, this solution compliments and gives further credence to their online listings.

How long did it take to formulate?

Getting outdoor product in-store is never easy due to the sheer size; displaying a full range of outdoor play like this had never been done before.

After the initial concept was mocked-up the design and process was presented to retailers at International Toy Fairs in 2017. After receiving interest from multiple stores across the globe, from national to independent accounts the concept became a reality going live Spring/Summer 2018.

How is the Gift Box initiative tracking so far?

This solution has helped generate sales in stores that had previously not had the opportunity to sell large outdoor items. By making our product more visible in a retail space we’re able to capture the attention of even more consumers, and this brings the Plum brand to the forefront of active play. 

What is very pleasing is this solution has opened doors into other sales channels outside of the toy and hobby industry.

We will continue to innovate and design ways to make shopping for our products easier for our retailers.

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