Hunter Products  Stand C22

The all-new Shibajuku Girls will make their Australian debut at the Hunter Products stand at Toy Fair this week.

This new fashion doll range is on-point, fashion-forward, and their unique look is augmented by the cutest, quirky accessories that can be worn by both the dolls and the young girls playing with them.

Shibajuku Girls product developer Madeleine Hunter told Toy & Hobby Retailer that the dolls bring a much needed freshness to this category

“Shibajuku Girls is totally different to anything else in this space,” Hunter said. “These Girls are definitely out there, and we hope they will strike a chord with tween-age females everywhere. The response has been truly amazing not just here in Australia, but on the international stage too.”

“The fashion trend these dolls reference has emerged from trend-leaders such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Rhianna just to name a few. It is a very exciting launch for our company.”

This Australian-developed range will be on shelves from 1 June with a heavy marketing and social media campaign behind it.

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